random vacation design notes

Okay, clearly I'm not ready to leave my Italian vacation behind. So I'm going to detail a few random (and I do mean random, as design was not on the top of my mind when I was away!) design notes for you all—just pretty things and good ideas I couldn't help but notice in my travels.

Remember the tile floor mosaic.

It looked good in Roman times...

And it looks good today.

An uplight wall sconce in the wc makes for nice soft lighting you can leave on as a nightlight.

Two baskets by the pool entrance are a great way to corral fresh and used towels.

Woven matting makes for a very chic, yet relaxed, shade.

I told these were random musings. What the best design idea you've discovered on your travels?


The Vintique Object said...

Those mosaics are stunning. Particularly the one that looks like little archways. I also like the one that looks like an arrow. Almost as if foot traffic was being directed in one way?

Shannon @ Project Shannon said...

Thank you for your incredibly kind comment on my blog today! You are too sweet. I was reading all about your travels and it sounds like a truly fabulous vacation!

René said...

Those are great examples of classic design. I am always inspired by the gardens when we travel. Would love to have those big baskets!