inside hotel don alfonso

A huge part of the charm of Relais Don Alfonso 1890 was the beautifuly designed, chic, sophisticated room we stayed in. In fact, all the rooms are decorated in this fun, funky, classic-with-a-twist style. If you checked out my post yesterday and followed the link to the inn's website you might have gotten a sneak peek at their totally awesome style. Here's a look.

And here is our room. I was like a kid in a candy store walking into this place for the first time.

Now that is a custom headboard. I also loved the huge down lumbar pillow. The sheets were linen, and worn babysoft. How cute are those silver bedside lamps? And the little green metal tables? The bed and bathroom were all coordinated in shades of lilac, chartruese, and olive—it's safe to say they are not afraid of color here, and it totaly works!

The little white chest houses a safe and mini fridge. I wish I'd taken a picture of the gorgeous antique secretary to the left here. It was just stunning.

Awesome built-in storage in lieu of a dresser. I loved it. The glass doors were covered with green-striped wallpaper to conceal the contents inside. Are you ready for the bath?

I don't even know where to start. That extra long vanity. The chandelier, with crystals in perfect shades of raspberry and lime. The handpainted Moroccan/Moorish tiles, the bold wall color, the stunning teak mirrors—similar but not exact copies of each other. Oh, and slippers and robes and spicy herbal handsoap and shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion scented with myrrh. It's safe to say I was in heaven.

Love the open shelf storage. So much space! It's practically an invitation to move in.

Such smart design to have a little toilet and bidet nook that's set apart a bit. And here you can get a better look at those gorgeous tiles.

A super long and super deep tub. I could not watit to get in it. And I did.

From the bath to the room. Oh, how I miss this place.

And another shot of the vanity. I just couldn't resist! And one other design detail to love: with the open shelf beneath the sinks, they took care that even the exposed plumbing was nice to look at—sleek, modern, clean. Seriously, nothing was overlooked. And that is just how a great guest room should be. This one was truly great. Makes it hard to leave and come home to such average surroundings! Now I want to set to work recreating this luxury at home. Then every day could feel like an Italian holiday ;-)


Robyn Scott said...

GASP!! Total Gorgeousness! OMG Casey, what a place of beauty & inspiration. Thanks for letting us peek in on your travels!

Jen @ RamblingRenovators said...

Wow, that is like a candy store! Love all the juicy colours!

The Vintique Object said...

This place is crazily, stylishly good. Wow. I loved the outside shots you posted yesterday plus those worn steps to the wine cellar. I think my favorite of this bunch is the glass closet doors covered in paper. Now there's something you don't see often.

Looks like you all had such an amazing time. I'd be a kid in a candy shop too!


Ashley said...

I am so late catching this post, but let me say that I am in AWE of this hotel! So fun, whimsical, colorful and not serious in the least. I love it.

Glad to read and see that you had such a fantastic time away, Casey!

Great to have you back!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous - so colourful and welcoming too!