what's inspiring me now

There are too many images cluttering up my desktop, and you know what that means—a random inspiration post! Here's what's inspiring me now.

california closets

This image really speaks to me for fall. Is brown back?! Love the chocolate walls here. And the organization. And the Italian foods!

house & home

Isn't the deep grey bookshelf wall stunning? And who would have thought it'd make such a cool functional headboard? Even more, I love this grey paired with lively colored and patterned bedding.

Claire Danes' hair. Enough said.

traditional home

An enormous black and white gallery. Stunning.

via for the love of a house

I haven't stopped thinking about redoing our kitchen. This one has such a fresh yet inviting feel and perfectly balances warm and cool elements. It's exactly what I'm after.

west elm

I've had my eye on West Elm's handknit throw for ages, so how thrilled was I when I found it was on sale for $39.99? (There are still some left if you want!) Cozy throw, you are mine. I got it last night. Surprised I am actually sitting at a desk right now, instead of wrapped up on my sofa in this yumminess.

What's inspiring you right now?


Erin (Out on a Limb) said...

That is one of my favorite kitchens. So charming. I have it pinned from about six different angles for my "someday kitchen", lol. I also love that grey built in bookcase. Functional and stylish!

Thanks for some great eye candy on a rainy dreary morning!

René said...

Now I cannot stop thinking of the pasta nests in that glass jar. Love that!

Unknown said...

That kitchen is just WONDERFUL. I would stay in it all day!

Ashley said...

I am DYING over the kitchen with the brick hearth. Gorgeous! Any chance we'll see an appearance of brick in your kitchen??

Shannon @ Project Shannon said...

That kitchen is gorgeous! It looks so warm,inviting and cozy - perfect for a day like today.

Ispirato Design said...

What's inspiring me is what's inspiring you! All of it. I'm fretting over a large wall shelf at the moment so it was nice to see some examples. The kitchen is perfect as is the gray couch that the cozy throw is hanging out on.

Southwest Cottage Designs said...

Beautiful inspiration. Love the books, the kitchen, and the gray couch!

My Many Moments said...

I am in love with the first image. I love a lived in look. Makes me want to cook something!

The Vintique Object said...

Casey, no one else has concurred yet, but I DO think brown is back. The same thought has been running through my head lately and I find myself so attracted to it! Maybe it's just because of fall? I don't know, time will tell. (But I hope it's true!)

Samantha said...

I'll take the hair, the bookcase bed and the throw, thank you.