budget glamour (& the credit loop)

I try and try to get rid of my Banana Republic Visa, but how can I when they keep sending me rewards? Some I can resist, but the latest was 30% off at the outlet. Hi, I was so all over this. Especially since for a while now I've really liked BR Factory Store merchandise much more than what's in the regular BR stores.

So, $168 later, I am thrilled with my purchases, including a few glittery things perfect for the holidays, or really any season. I got sooo much stuff—pants for work, yoga pants, cute cardigan, two dressy t's, two dressy tops, two long-sleeve men's shirts, earrings, and nail polish.

But the catch, of course, is that to get the 30% off their already discounted prices, I had to pay with my BR Visa. So, there you go! And my recent shopping almost undoubtedly earned me more rewards. Which I will want to use but must use the card to do so. Hence the credit loop. They're smart, those marketers. But I'm okay with it. If I can come home with all this for wayyy under 200 bucks. Every once in a while, of course!


The Vintique Object said...

Cute stuff! Is the top navy blue? I hear you about the credit cycle. I am trying very, very hard to use cash only (not even my debit card) but it is hard!

My Many Moments said...

Love your finds. Cute tops. I love that color nail polish. Great for fall. I have to say, BR is an expensive store, but they have really great sales.

René said...

Money spent at BR is money well spent. Their clothes never go out of style. Nice choices!