inspiration for a mini bath redo

Could this room work if it had an espresso wood vanity instead of white?

soli terry architects

I've been talking for a while now about redoing my bathroom. See, after 4 years in this house, I'm ready for something new. If it was any other room I would have changed it up by now. So, what am I waiting for?! I'm diving in. I bought these curtains from Target (when they were on sale for $15 each!) to use as my new shower curtains, and they're going on a bamboo rod hung high, high up.

I'm hoping for just a facelift though, as I'm not into painting walls or my cabinet or sink vanity just yet. And here's the problem—maybe? The new curtains are black on white. My walls are robin's egg blue. And I have no other black in the room. The wood is espresso. Can this work?!? Maybe just a few black and white framed art pieces are all that's needed to tie it all together?

In any case, I've been looking for inspiration. The bathroom above is key. I'm loving those oversized black and white botanicals. But I'm still hunting for proof that soft blue, black, and white can work with dark woods. Here's what I found.

southern living

Are those beds a very dark wood or black? Please say wood.

country living

Ditto for this desk. But, I know, it kinda looks like black.

robin stubbert photography

So pretty. And it all works with the dark wood floors. So why am I worrying?


country living

A darker blue but you get the picture. And the black and white here works for me with the wood tables. Still, I have a feeling I'm going to want to paint my vanity and cabinet black when everything's finally in the room. I guess there's no guessing here. We'll just have to install and see. Stay tuned!


Pine Tree Home said...

Liking that blue chair!

Giulia said...

I believe you posted about bamboo rods before? Where do you get them?
I love the robins egg blue with the black/white/espresso.

René said...

Just tagged you in a couple of pins you might like. I think all of your ideas are wonderful & have no doubts that you will pull this off.

casey at loft and cottage said...

Hi Giulia, I wish bamboo poles were more readily accessible! I got mine on a random trip to Ocean State Job Lot and they were about $2 each! The real bamboo curtain rods can cost hundreds. So, still looking for a good source. There might be some online resources for bamboo out there...

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

I actually don't think I would have thought mixing brown wood with black accents was a design "don't" until you just said it. So if anyone can break the rules and pull it off it is you!
In the event you don't like it, you could try staining your vanity a darker brown or ebony instead of painting. There is a minwax product that will let you stain over the existing finish without having to strip it first. Or perhaps you could switch out the fixtures to ORB? In any case, I'm looking forward to seeing how your bathroom comes out :)

Donna@anangloinquébec said...

I love the bamboo rod and wondering if they are easily made...we have so much bamboo growing wild around us that when dried and stained would look fabulous. Do you already have a bamboo rod? I think it can all will pull it off!

Holly Gruszka said...

I think it can be done and I think the mix would be good. Could you maybe add another small accent in with some black in it? Maybe even get a white soap dispenser contraption and paint black stripes on it? I think the photo with the bed does look wooden but it's hard to tell. Excited to see what you do!

The Vintique Object said...

Oh lady, you're barking up the right tree here. Black and wood are perfect together and actually is my all time favorite combination of things in a room -- including a little white. I am assuming your tiles are white? I'm also going to send a few pins your way.

(P.S. How about hanging a few black hand towels?)

Shannon @ Project Shannon said...

Yes - I absolutely think you could pull it off. I am excited to see pics of the redo!