farmhouse sinks: dream to reality

Do you love a farmhouse sink? Or do you not see the appeal? I love the way they draw attention and make a sink a standout feature in a room. Copper, porcelain, fireclay, slate. No matter the material, I think farmhouse (also called apron) sinks are beautiful. Need some persuading?

cottage living

It of course looks good in a country farmhouse setting.


But can have a little more stateliness, yet still feel totally down to earth, in slate with a large backsplash and wall-mounted faucet.


Keeping it simple with white on white.


It can be totally modern in stainless.

martha stewart

Or back to completely country.


One of my favorites images. A little nostalgic and a little crisp and now.

Well, I have always wanted a farmhouse sink, and thanks to Ikea Domsjo's simple style, functional deep bowl, and crazy affordable price, that is actualy a reality now in our new kitchen. It seems to have the looks, and I know it definitely has the price. The single bowl sink (perfect for our small kitchen) is just $185.99. I have also heard from Meg that she used it and loved it and would recommend it. Then I saw it in featured in House Beautiful, and with that on top of the personal recommendation, I was sold.

A trip to Ikea is definitely in our future.


Sharon said...

Over in the UK we call them Butler'ss sinks (if they don't have an overflow) or Belfast if they do. I love them in contemporary settings and the modern alternatives in stainless. But I do offer one word of caution - because they are lovely & deep they can give you back ache if you're tall. So check that out at the Ikea display ;-)

casey at loft and cottage said...

Great tip, Sharon. Thanks for letting us know!

Fran said...

Ikea is so great like that! That last photo is amazing! One other thing to consider - I've always had stainless sinks until we moved into our short term rental and it had a kohler white porcelain sink. I loved the look of it, but it was v. hard to keep it clean and it had a yellowish stain around the drain. I have no idea if it's just that particular sink or is that common with white sinks? But, just something to consider.

Fran said...

Casey, after reading your post, I stumbled across this blog and she has the ikea sink you're potentially looking at:

Dana Gastelum said...

Apron front sinks are so stunning! I hope to have one in our home one day! So glad you found one at an amazing price, Ikea is pretty awesome! :)

Ispirato Design said...

Not one that isn't fabulous- and I had no idea about the Ikea sink. Good stuff :)

Holly Gruszka said...

My SIL has one and loves it and it does look really nice in her house. I agree that it does make a nice statement.

My Little Bungalow said...

I love the look of these sinks. I'd personally choose one in stainless, even for our bungalow kitchen, because I find stainless to be so practical. The next to last photo in your post is my favorite look. The material the sink if made from is great and I love the striped rug.

Pine Tree Home said...

I have a farmhouse sink from Blue Bath on eBay. Can I love it anymore? I do recommend a sink grid...I bought the chrome one. It helps keep the dishes from clinging and clanging the pretty white sink.

The Vintique Object said...

Gorgeous photos, each one, Casey. I'm a fan of the farmhouse sink and would probably initially choose one in black, although I'd be worried I'd never know if it was clean. White sinks do appear dirty easily, but I think it's just a good excuse to clean them more often, right?

What will you do for a faucet? Or have not you not gotten that far yet?

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me where the rug is from?

casey at loft and cottage said...

Sorry, anon. I just pulled the image from Pinterest and don't know any of the sources for it! It is great, though, isn't it?!

annie@mostlovelythings said...

I love the farm sink...I've had one in my last two houses and love them. If that last photo is Ikea...It's great!

Property said...

Yeah, I have to agree with you that the farmhouse sinks do look good in the kitchen. I liked the last picture a lot, as it looked simple and neat as well. Sometimes the country model houses are really good and they are as it was mentioned here in this blog it feels totally down to earth.

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