floor & cabinet colors in the kitchen

A lot of you liked the dark wood floor that was my first choice for the kitchen as much as I did. I knew there was a reason we're all friends ;-) Well, friends, you can help me again. No sooner do I decide on dark wood floors then I begin to notice all the beautiful kitchens with light wood floors. Some of my favorites. Like this one.

house & home

This image has me seriously rethinking. We've got a small house and the light floors might expand the space. And I could just replicate the look of this kitchen and be completely, deliriously happy.

So if you have contrast somehwere in the space, must you have it between two surfaces that connect—the floors and lower cabinets? I had always assumed so, but the contrast is very minimal above (the stainless appliances and grey island do help overall though).


Here's another with just the island for contrast.


The contrasting island seems to be a theme. But what about Tommy's famous kitchen? Dark lowers and dark floors. Yet it works.

tommy smythe

The contrast only kicks in with the backsplash and the upper cabinets. Hmmm. And here.

cottage living

I'm starting to think anything goes with floor and cabinet colors! As long as you have contrast somewhere in the kitchen. Maybe the uppers provide contrast. Maybe the island. Maybe both.

Most kitchens I like with dark wood floors tend to have white cabinets.



house beautiful


But this starts to look a little predictable, no? We've seen it everywhere. What about dark floors with a light color—or any color on the cabinets? This is what we had in mind originally.

southern living

traditional home

These kitchens look great. So I'm thinking I should stick with my first instinct. Color swatches for cabinets are on the way (not white). And the dark floor still seems to work best for our house, though I do fluctuate on this a bit. But if you could weigh in, I'd be endlessly grateful! What do you think? Light floors or dark? White cabinets or painted? What kitchen do you love?


Sharon said...

I love contrast but suffered with an old, dark kitchen so rebelled. Pale units, pale traventine floor and a warm contrast in the worktop, you can see it nearly finished here: http://pinterest.com/pin/85849936616494210/

To me it looks like your heart is for the drama of the rich & dark so go for it :-)

Ashley said...

I say go with your instincts, since it is your space...BUT I love the dark floors and grayish-white cabinets. Tommy's kitchen is a person fave, and I love his choice of flooring.

Can't wait to see the cabinet sample you have coming!

Holly Gruszka said...

Yes, definitely go with your instincts. Personally I think the lighter floors seem colder. The dark floors really seem to warm up the space and make it look cozy (which is how I envisioned your kitchen). And you've always shown darker or painted cabinets so I also envision that for you. But again, trust yourself and your instincts and will all look fantastic and you will be happy with the results.

The Vintique Object said...

I couldn't agree with you more about feeling the need for contrast, Casey. One thing to consider is the contrast in temperature. I notice that one of the greys you picked was cool while the floor was warm. Or you could do the opposite -- warm grey and cool floor. White kitchens are always classic and will probably date better actually than grey cabinets would, but there's always paint to fix that too!

I think the reason why Tommy Smythe's kitchen works do well is that the dark is all on the lower surfaces, so it feels grounded, whereas the opposite would not be true.

Unknown said...

Challenging your initial thoughts is always a good thing, it helps ground the ultimate decision. What usually happens to me is that I veer away from my original concept only to return....trust your instincts, this exercise will make you love what you end up with even more! PS and bu the way, I have med. dark floors and creamy white cabinets in my kitchen and I love it!


Pine Tree Home said...

I can tell you about my experience. I wanted, like dreamed night after night about white painted cabinets and dark wood floors. I got the dark cherry floors and then bam, Hubs said, why don't we go with cherry cabinets too. What? No way. Not gonna happen. Well, it did. I ended up getting the dark cabinets, with glass on the uppers. We painted the island white and put white subway on the backsplash. This is what I learned. I am forever cleaning the white painted island and the dark cabinets....hardly ever. I am thinking of painting the island a different color just to cover the dirt...it happens. I love the contrast of the creamy walls, white trim and backsplash and white island...so just know, maybe a little contrast goes a long way.

René said...

I'm a white cabinet girl (long-term), but love, love gray cabinets currently. If I had more mojo mine would be gray. As far as floors, the darker the better especially with lighter cabinets. Ours are heart pine and have oranged over the years. Wish they were more ebony. Casey, whatever you decide, it will look great!

Anne B. said...

I'm already a follower (private). They would probably make their way to my living room chairs.

closets Bergen said...

It sure is better if you can have the best of both worlds because both options are really lovely! Whatever you choose will surely be great for your home!