a guy's kitchen vision

Amazing what you can find out about a guy's style when you ask him to pick some pictures he likes! Michael and I are still kitchen talking and planning, trying to solidify our vision and make sure we're headed in the same direction. We all know how much images help with this. They speak design in a way words can't. So I gave Michael my idea book and asked him to pick his favorites out of the pages I'd pulled from magazines. And I asked him what he liked about them. The results were awesome. The man's got taste! And I found out we're totally on the same page about what we like and want.


So these is what he chose. Nice, huh? Of course we know I already liked them all—they were already in my idea book. But still, I was psyched when I saw what stood out to him. First, painted cabinets. We could do taupe or gray or something like this blue, so it's not set in stone yet, but at least we are agreed we've both had wood and white cabinets and are ready for a change.

not sure of source: maybe bhg?

I know there are white cabinets here, but he does like the contrast. So maybe some different colored cabinets in our space? He unfortunately does not love that copper range hood. Just a touch too dramatic for him, I guess.

cottage living

Remember this kitchen from Cottage Living? What a great reno on a budget, and the style is so casual classic, perfect for our little home. He likes the storage above the fridge and the wood countertops.

cottage living

So pretty to be able to see into this kitchen. We wish we could do this in our house. Still thinking of a way to make the kitchen and living room a bit more open to each other.

traditional home

I cannot believe my luck that he loves this room! He's crazy about the old beamed ceiling, and I am too.

candice olsen

This suprised me, but he likes a bit of formality with the leg detail on the cabinetry. It makes it look rich, I believe is what he said. Could not agree more. Not sure this will find its way into our home, because our house is so casual and it might be too high-end looking for it, but if he's really up for doing it, I could be persuaded.

house beautiful

Be still my heart. One of my favorite rooms ever. And he picked it. We're both crazy about that rustic wood ceiling. And we may just have to go for it in our house.

So the process continues. One of these days we have to buckle down and measure, draw, and make a list, then get down to ordering materials. One of these days soon.


Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

This is a great strategy, and you are so lucky to be on the same page design-wise. Just think of all the fights you avoided :)
I love all of your inspirations and I'm excited to see what you end up selecting as the process unfolds.

René said...

You are genius! Just hand a guy pictures approved by you and let him pick. I love it! Lucky you both have great taste ;) and I cannot wait to see how this plays out.

The Vintique Object said...

I am loving that first kitchen and will be excited to see what paint color you both choose. Good man. Good man.

Shannon @ Project Shannon said...

I love that kitchen from Cottage Living. LOVE. And the man does have taste! It makes it sooo much easier when you like the same style, let me tell you!