back to the kitchen: what's the plan?

First of all, thank you ALL for your wonderful, sweet, thoughtful comments yesterday on our engagement. We are over-the-moon happy, and it's even more special when friends (and even people we hardly know!) are so happy for us too. We are blessed. Life is good!

nope this is not us, just a cute couple in a kitchen

And now, back to the kitchen. As much as I want to stay in hearts-and-flowers land, it's time to return to reality. And we need a plan for this project if we're ever going to get it done. I need to know what my tasks are, and Michael needs to know his, and then we need to get to it.

pinterest; oh, and i love the window seat and these chairs from ikea

Speaking of couples and teamwork, have you seen the awesome series Honey-Do List? It's a real-life look at couples working well, and hilariously, together. I love it! Check it out here, here and here.

elle decor; great eat-in kitchen and in love with the lighting

Anyway, my first task is to delegate those tasks. And I know I've left out some things. I'm sure this will be a work in progress. So, "what" is the task, "who" is who does it (me, Michael, or outside help), "when" is the eta for completion (notice these are a big blank so far!! I will fill them in as we go), and "done" is my favorite column where we check off what's actually finished (oh to dream!)!

Phew, that list is daunting!! Do you always make a project list for a big project? Does it help things go more smoothly? I'm a listmaker, and I need to know what's next, and to check things off. I know this will get us going, and keep us on track. How does it work for you?


Giulia said...

I love lists...I find it funny how you check off a whole bunch of things, and then add a whole bunch of new ones as you get closer to smaller details. And usually once a project is done, there is always one or two tiny things left that never get checked off.

Holly Gruszka said...

Good for you for staying on task. How did you make this list anyway? I've gotta find the best program for me to make lists.

Erin said...

Thanks so much for the honey-do shout-out! Congratulations on your engagement, too, that must be beyond exciting for you guys! We have gotten much better at making realistic lists for our projects with every single picky little thing on there (generated by doing a thorough walk-through of the space) so we have an accurate picture of everything we have to do. It sort of helps keep things in perspective when we say things like "Oh yeah we can have this done in a weekend." :P

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Ah, a list! You are a girl after my own heart :)
Thanks for the Honey-Do shout out!

annie@mostlovelythings said...

I'm a list maker...sometimes I add something to the list that I've already accomplished just so I can cross it off. Your list I must say is very organized. I'm sure you'll have no problem completing your kitchen in no time.

Fran said...

Okay, how typical is this - both Kevin and I read your post and we laughed b/c we remember the good 'ol days of making lists! We'll soon be back to doing that when we're back home and have a new house!! Anyway, I commented on how neat and organized your list looks (and I love the font you used)! And, Kevin made a good point to remember to keep a 'target' date in mind to create a sense of urgency otherwise (if you're like us) the project will take forever to finish! :) However, knowing you, you guys will have this done in no time!

Melissa said...

All I see are naked windows! . . . I can help with that!

René said...

I agree with Fran, great list & font! Lists are great at keeping us focused, but I definitely have to add a date to keep me from adding more items before finishing other ones. Honestly, I could use a list about a mile long right now. I'm so excited for you on so many levels Casey.