exposed brick in the kitchen

We had a special visitor to the kitchen this week. Our stone mason friend was here to check out our old brick chimney and give us an idea how much work would go into sealing and cleaning and making it look good enough to leave exposed in the new kitchen design. And the answer is yes, it can be done—and it's not going to cost an arm and a leg. I am celebrating! For a look at why I love exposed brick in a kitchen, here are my inspirations.


southern living

urban grace interiors





for the love of a house




Whether it's just an accent or a whole wall (or ceiling), brick adds such a warm textural, old-world charm, and I especially love how it plays off more modern elements. So excited to bring this material into our new room!


Holly Gruszka said...

A big YAY coming from over this way! So exciting - if I had it my way I think I'd have some exposed brick all over my house. Have a great weekend!

Donna@anangloinqu├ębec said...

Love these images. The 4th one is from my friend's home here in Quebec city! That was a great renovation they did and his partner did the whole thing on his own.
Lovely images.

Sarah said...

That's awesome, Casey! The brick will add such charm and character to your new kitchen. You always have the best kitchen inspiration pics, I'm stealing a few if you don't mind;) Have a great weekend with your fiance!!!!

Jennifer @ Dimples and Tangles said...

The kitchen in my last home had exposed brick and I love it! All of your inspiration photos are fantastic. Enjoy your trip!

Ava said...

Casey- - any idea where that basset hound leash hook from one of your BHG images is from? I MUST have one!!! so adorable:) Thanks!!!

Eric Bouler said...

Some great stuff on the blog. Love the exposed brick as I work in an area of old warehouses that have been converted into condos. Thanks for the ideas.

bailey said...

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