in case you missed it: thinking about the kitchen part 3

Time for the next installment of dreaming about the kitchen! And on to what may be the biggest issue. If you've read this blog for any amount of time, you know I am obsessed with open shelving in the kitchen. I just love it for its simplicity, its relaxed feel, for how it can expand a room, for how it allows for pretty display.


My man is not so convinced. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that he works with kitchen cabinets every day—so the more cabinets, the better. On a very basic level, because of his business, he just doesn't understand why anyone would forgo upper cabinetry. And it's admittedly not too fair of me to ask him to ditch so much cabinetry, the material representation of his hard work and skill, when I'm asking him to build this kitchen. He'd be really happy with this traditional look. Beautiful details! How can I argue with that?

traditional home

But maybe we can find something in the middle? We're definitely going to want to compromise so we're both happy with and proud of the end result, but it's a small kitchen, so finding the balance between open and closed cabinetry could be tricky. Here's one idea I've noticed recently, with a pair of cabinets flanking an open shelf over a sink or range. That gets me a little openness and display area and him a few closed uppers.

house and home


sarah richardson

gregory mellor

Of course, I would love a chance to do a whole wall of storage and a whole wall of openness. This kitchen is awesome...and huge. But I could almost see how we could replicate this in our tiny space.

baden baden

Like me, Michael loves wine, and coffee. Maybe I can subconsciously (or ok, overtly!) convince him we need open storage with these pics ;-)


desire to inspire

There is also the shelf-under-cabinets look, but it's just not enough for me.


Of course, there are always glass cabinets. He would not be opposed to that. At least there are cabinet boxes and crown details. I have always adored this kitchen; I'm just not sure it completely meets my desire for openness.

house beautiful

When what I really want is this.

brooklyn home company

Is this enough of a compromise? Because this kitchen is an all-time favorite, and I think I'm going to be blatantly copying it when it's time to design ours.

style at home

Love. Everything about it. Wish me luck in the negotiations!

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