a real-life update to a builder's beige kitchen

My parents are not ones to settle for a boring builder's look or quality (that must be where I get it from?) So when they moved into a sweet but plain Jane home a few years ago, they set to work making it their own. The first thing to go were the off-white walls, since Mom and Dad aren't afraid of color (hello, plum!). And in the kitchen, they upgraded all the appliances to stainless. But the cabinets, though decent-quality wood, still felt cheap-looking in a not-quite-light and not-quite-dark finish.

And notice no hardware? Why do builder's skimp on this?

Well, they looked into new cabinets, but they weren't really into spending 9k and doing a total reno. And as I said, the cabinets were in decent shape, just boring beige wood.

And you know what I'm about to say: paint to the rescue. Again.

I started scouring some inspiration pics for Mom and Dad, and they wanted white, but all white would be too severe in their home full of color. And we talked grey, but I thought all grey could be too dark against the rich colors they have going on too. So we compromised.

The inspiration. (And you've seen this one before too.)

Mom loved it. Dad was convinced. And here's their kitchen now. For about one-tenth the cost of brand new cabinets, they essentially have new cabinets. And an entirely new look.

Oh, I'd love to see white subway tile instead of the plum walls, and I'd love to clear the countertop and top-of-cabinet clutter, but hey, Mom and Dad only listen to their designer daughter so much! By the way the colors are SW City Loft and Peppercorn. Great choices. (The grey looks much less blue in person.)

I think the kitchen looks great. And congrats to the parents for a job well done! And for saving a few bucks too!


René said...

WOW!!! What a transformation! Great job Mom & Dad.

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Another testimonial to the power of paint! Looks so good!

Unknown said...

Love it, banish builder beige with great color! Lucky for your folks they have you to inspire them!

Megan said...

I love the dark cabinets on bottom/light on top look! So pretty! Nice hardware too.

Laura@Elegant Nest said...

Love the transformation! I agree with you on the hardware...why would anyone NOT add it to their cabinets?! It is the perfect way to add function and style.

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

It looks so custom. Why would anyone settle for a boring builder's kitchen when they could have a beautiful kitchen like this for just a little cash and sweat equity?

Shawna (mangotangerine.wordpress.com) said...

It looks great and I like how the plum walls give it their personality instead of white subway tile which would look more generic. If it were mine I would have some sort of plum glass mosaic tiles in there.

The Vintique Object said...

Wow, a job very well done to all three of you. I can only imagine the improvement this made the look of the kitchen. And I love that they revamped the orginal cabinets too.


ALR said...

110% better! I totally agree that white subway tile would just set the whole thing off. Great transformation!!

Amy R.
{plain & fancy living}