totally unnecessary rearranging

First off, thank you for all your sweet and thoughtful comments about the baby! It was so touching to read every single one of them, and I should have told you that so long before now. I have the best readers, many of whom I'm so happy to call friends. You guys make this all worthwhile. But, I've been crazy busy with an editing project and life has been packed full this past week (oh, and it's a project I should not have taken on, because of the time commitment, as it turns out).

Anyway, I've been so busy and have so much on my to-do list that naturally I spent Saturday doing something totally unnecessary: rearranging my office. Unnecessary because my office will be moving upstairs in a matter of weeks. But, it was a mess of bills, and piles, and papers, and I have too many other tasks that I wasn't able to start or didn't feel like starting, so this made sense to me, in a weird way. I felt accomplished, even though I wasn't able to check anything off my list. But mabye the office is a good place to start getting organized and on-task?

Am I the only one who does this?

Seedlings and other outdoor stuff stand ready to go outside, when the weather truly warms up. And I turned my desk for a new perspective. Sometimes that helps. This week, I'm hoping to do some things that are really on my list: order a measure for the new carpet to be installed upstairs, and call Chuck to get him started on refnishing the exposed brick in the kitchen. Once those moves are made, I feel like we'll be on track to get the kitchen remodel rolling and moving my office upstairs—all to make way for baby. How was your weekend, everyone?


Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Hi Casey! Your office looks great - organized and stylish. Need to move this project up on my to-do list!

Ashley said...

Casey, your office is so serene! Rearranging always makes me feel better, especially when I'm stressed.

Erin (Out on a Limb) said...

You are so not the only one who does this, Casey! I find myself tweaking and rearranging spaces when much more pressing or larger projects loom. I call it productive procrastination ; )

Your office looks great. Having a tiny bit of order in the midst of lots of chaos, even the happy kind, is so refreshing!

René said...

I can totally relate to this. So much to do, so little time. That exposed brick is going to be great!

jillian {Her Split Ends} said...

I LOVE unnecessary rearranging! It just makes things feel so fresh and new {without spending any money!}

~ Jillian