lilac season

Last fall, I planted our first lilac in backyard, and with this being its first year I was not expecting much. But this little shrub came out with just enough blooms to look full, and more importantly, enough to cut and bring indoors.

My arrangement didn't look quite like this.

I've always loved the scent of lilacs. And I am partial to the soft purple color versus the white or the dark plum. It must be lilac nostalgia that makes me feel this way. They remind me of my childhood. This time of year I can't get enough of them. I found some pretty pictures on Pinterest, of course. Which spring flower do you love the most?

By the bedside is my preferred spot for an arrangement.

How amazing do these colors look together?

Someday I want to have as many lilac blooms as Martha.


Meg said...

I feel that way about the white hydrangea. It has long been my favourite flower, though it doesn't smell as good as the lilac.
All around our dining deck, we have a lilac border. They are just beginning to bloom right now but they are enormous, old plants with lots of blooms - so pretty!

Laura@Elegant Nest said...

I love Lilacs...and your inspiration photos are well, inspiring! I also love the iris and have a cutting garden that is exploding with blooms right now...

Bringing fresh cut flowers inside is my favorite way to brighten a room!

Sharon said...

I grew up with a double petalled lilac in the garden - the scent always takes me back childhood,

The Vintique Object said...

You weren't joking about finding pretty pictures! Lilacs don't grow in the Bay Area, but I used the ones blooming in my sister's backyard in New Mexico for a baby shower recently. They came out so loose and garden-y looking. Same shade as the kind you love and arranged in jars. You are lucky to be able to grow them!