making room

I've been away for far too long! And now that I'm finished with the freelance editing project from hell, I'm back and ready to focus on design stuff. So happy. Finally! And house stuff. Things are happening around here! And it's all about making room for baby.

So here's how the musical rooms are going to work: Office moves upstairs, kitchen stuff (while we're renovating) moves to office, then when kitchen is done, newly empty office becomes baby's room.

So, I knew for a while I had to start with the upstairs. I moved the guest room up to the tiniest space up there. I figure all you need in there is a bed, right?

So that leaves this bigger but bland space for my office.

As you can see, it is the junk/exercise/coat closet/linen closet room right now.

And the first thing to go is the hideous blue carpet. I picked up some samples at Home Depot (their carpet and install prices really are pretty great) and picked the carpet at the bottom of the pic. A. it's the cheapest (bonus!), and B. the color works best with the runner in the stairs leading up to this space. I liked the diamond patterned broadloom a lot, but I didn't want it to compete with what's going on on the stairs.

Remember the stair runner? The new carpet's going to look great with it. The guys have been out to measure, and now we just have to paint the room and remove the carpet and then we can book them to come back and install. I'm giving us two weeks.

By the way, here are what the stairs look like today.

They are now our pantry, since our kitchen is torn apart and looking like this.

By the way, speaking of making room, Michael's mom had a yard sale over the weekend and invited us to bring some stuff over to sell. I jumped at the chance and cleared a bunch of stuff out of the house, including our kitchen chairs (a bit rickety and totally uncomfortable, and the kitchen rug which had seen better days and I figure will not have a place in the new kitchen). I now can stand looking at this space even less than before, which should be good incentive for us to get this reno going!

Anyway, I am so happy to be back on the blog. I missed you all and am so excited to now have my time back so that I can keep you updated on all the craziness going on around here!


René said...

Wow! So much going on in your world. If will all look so great when you are finished! Glad you are back Casey! Hope you are feeling great.

Robyn Scott said...

Casey, I am thrilled for you and look forward to seeing the progress of your home and your family!!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

You have a lot going on! Don't overdo it , you'll need lots of energy when the little one comes along! P S I got a great deal on carpet at Lowe's and I love it - looks similar to what you've chosen!

The Vintique Object said...

So glad you are back, Casey. You are one busy lady, I'd say. Looking forward to seeing the MANY changes happening in your life. Love the carpet choice!

Meg said...

It's nice to see you back. I hate it when all the busywork of life gets in the way of blogging - since I love it so much.
You guys sure are ambitious! It looks just like what's going on around here right now!

Sarah said...

Hey, girl! Congrats on getting your free-lance project done, must be a big relief! This is all so fun and exciting...your new office space will be so cute! Love the carpet samples. How are you feeling?

Holly Gruszka said...

Welcome back! You are busy but that's good. Looking forward to more updates.

Fran said...

Casey, so much going on but all so exciting! Really excited for you guys! Hope you're feeling well and make sure you post a pic of you pregnant!! I want to see your bump! :)

Christina said...

Do you happen to know the name of the diamond pattern carpet from HD? I've been trying to hunt down that exact carpet, but I think they don't carry it anymore. I know it's been over a year, but if you can remember I'd love to know!

casey at loft and cottage said...

Hi Christina, I love that diamond pattern carpet too! So sorry I cannot remember at all and wouldn't you know it, I cleaned out my samples about a month ago since I hadn't needed them for any other project since and figured they were outdated by now. Hope you can find something similar! Casey