office potential

It's been so long since I've decorated a room for myself, it's pretty exciting to think about what to do with my new upstairs office. I want it all! Of course, many of these inspirations are not feasible in the tiny third-floor room that will be my new home, but a girl can dream. Just some of what I'm wishing for...

elle decor

I've long dreamed of doing something like this entire wall of burlap trimmed in ribbon and nailheads.

Or even just separate boards, oversized. They look incredible too, especially against the dark wall here.

scout for the home

Great shelf styling, a comfortable chair, a standout pendant light.

amy meier design

So organized, it inspires me. The lamp makes the desk a bit more feminine and graceful, and the lighting over the bookcases is perfect too.

little green notebook

A splash of color couldn't hurt.


The planked wall is a great feature too. And while this totally contradicts the layered feel of the first pics, I am drawn to the cleanness and simplicity of this space too.

suzanne kasler

Black sets things off nicely, and I am envious of all the organization here.


And of course, bookshelves and a place to lounge and read would be lovely. What elements do you love for a home office? What inspires you?


Fran said...

All these pics inspire Casey! I think bookshelves are v. important so you can organize. I like the idea of a pendant either on the bookshelves and/or on the ceiling. I'm particularly drawn to dome ceiling pendants. I really like what PVEdesign has going on here:

Can't wait to see what you do!!

Samantha said...

Awesome. I think great work could get done in there.

Sarah said...

Great pics, Casey! You deserve an amazing office for all the amazing work that you're going to be doing in there. and I would say a nice cozy rug for the little one to play on while they're "helping" you:)

René said...

Oh I do love these elements too! Some of my favorite images! A burlap bulletin board is on my loooong list of things to do for my office. Maybe you can lead the way with a wonderful tutorial ;)


McKae @ Kaes Corner Design said...

These are some of my favorite offices! I would love a perfectly organized office space, but lets be honest, it would never stay that way! I am loving your blog!

Business Space Experts said...

That pendant light is a perfect piece! Indeed, factors like lighting and cushions are essential factors in selecting office spaces! Many thanks for these pics! :)