affordable rustic wood mirrors

I've long had my eye on mirrors like this oval one from Wisteria. It seems to me they've been a lot more expensive in the past and from other retailers. Restoration's is $295. Shades of Light has one for $289. What's up? This is only $99!
The raw wood look has been "in" now for some time, and I am hoping it doesn't go away anytime soon. Do you love it as much as I do?

elizabeth munger interiors

Pure, unfinished, natural.

I also really like this take on a French classic from Country Door. Again, it's just $100. I can think of a few rooms this would look great in (over a bar? in a foyer?) but it seems to be popular in bedrooms.



With everything changing places in my house right now, I may just be able to find room for one of these.


gina said...

Love those mirrors! The one from Wisteria is out of stock....bummer!

Fran said...

Thanks Casey. So good to know!

Ashley said...

Oooh, only $100 for each? What a bargain!

Garden, Home and Party said...

I love the French classic mirror...I don't think the weathered wood will go out of style anytime soon, it's too pretty and so green.

charmaine said...

What great finds! I love the second one!

Unknown said...

absolutely love love love the Country Door mirror!!! Great price too!!