baby love

Until this past weekend, I hadn't been too focused on buying stuff or decorating for baby. But spending time with my mom and dad brought it all home. I've only got three months left! Being away from home meant we were able to forget about projects (like the huge kitchen reno, for one!) at home and focus on the important stuff. Family. Our growing family. Here's the latest belly shot!

And now that we're back home, all I want to do is decorate for baby. Forget kitchen stuff!

I've fallen for a few things, and over the next few days would love to start putting together a design board. Did I mention we are not finding out whether it's a boy or a girl? That's going to make decorating a challenge. But a good one! I'm still definitely undecided on the scheme, but there are a few things I've got in mind for baby...

restoration hardware

in love with this bassinet for when baby's in our room the first few months


a more modern scheme plus traditional crib

lauren leiss design

or vintage scheme with modern crib--which one do you love?

the chalkboard paint works for me too. or at least a dark wall to set a mood.

and george

big baskets are a must

galbraith & paul

and a patterened wall or drapery or ceiling would be so fun!

I can't wait to start decorating! Too bad baby's room is now the kitchen pantry/workroom/storage area. I'm going to have to wait. But at least I can start designing. Any ideas for elements that'll make for a great nursery?


Meg said...

First of all, you look gorgeous with that baby belly!

As for the decorating, i like the direction you are going. I think a neutral greyish nursery is the way to go. Then you can add in colour and more pattern when you meet the little person who's going to live there. I do love the chalkboard wall cause it will also grow with your baby and I'm partial to a jenny lind type of crib, personally.
We didn't find out the sex of either of our kids while I was pregnant and I am so glad. It was such an amazing moment after all that hard work when the doc said "it's a boy!" or "it's a girl"!!!
happy planning!

Samma said...

I agree with Meg! I painted our Jenny Lind crib red for some flair, and I love it. Also the modern crib with the traditional furniture and blackboard wall is such a great look. I didn't not find out the sex of our baby, and it was such a wonderufl surprise (although I KNEW she was a girl the whole time!).

Kate said...

What great picture! You look fabulous, Case! I love both schemes, but am more drawn to the modern nursery with the traditional crib. Great colors- love the neutrals. So excited for you!

My Little Bungalow said...

Firstly, you look adorable, Casey. Are you feeling as great as you look? Secondly, I love the vintage-style room with modern crib. It's unique. I'm not really into pastels or nurseries that look too babyish. I've been noticing your baby room pins on Pinterest, and I'm sure whatever you end up with will be wonderful.

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

You look wonderful!! What a fun time - planning a nursery for your sweet babe. I love the chalkboard wall - my son has a whole chalkboard wall in his room and it's a great feature….you could have so much fun with it while the baby is small, and then in a couple of years he or she will have a ball scribbling all over it!

Holly Gruszka said...

Casey, you look fantastic - you've got the glow girl! We didn't find out either (yay - it's the BEST!) and I love that we did a neutral room that we could then swing girly for Sheila. I love the vintage modern nursery and our crib is very similar to that one and we love it. I love the storage cubes that we have in Sheila's room that we can store all kinds of stuff in but that we can also put books, night light, wipes, whatever on top of too. Sheila actually just started sitting on top of them too, so I've been really happy with those. It's so much fun planning the nursery and putting all of the clothing and necessities away as the big birthday draws closer. Enjoy it all!! said...

Congratulations, Casey! I have been so out of blogland, so out of touch! I had no idea. What a great time in your life -- enjoy it!

pam {simple details} said...

You're adorable!! So fun not finding out, I wanted to be surprised, but they accidentally sent a letter...I cried I was so upset and then immediately started decorating for a boy. Both of those rooms are favorites!!

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh, Casey, you look absolutely GORGEOUS my friend! Wow!

Good for you for being surprised about the baby's sex. I love the neutral fabrics you chose, not to mention a chalkboard wall--so cute. Think of all the cute messages you and family/friends can write to the new baby!

Peggy Miller said...

I am SO going to sound like a 60 year old woman, but here goes! While the chalkboard wall seems totally adorable, all I can envision is fine, white chalk dust in your sweet baby's room. Obviously that won't happen til said baby is a toddler, but when he/she figures out what fun that wall is...look out!!
I love the horizontal stripe on the walls in the first photo!
And, finally, I love how beautiful you look in your pregnant glow! Just lovely!

joanne said...


You get more and more beautiful with that wonderful glow. This little one won't care how the room looks. The little one is going to know how much his or her mama wanted to be their mama. (though I do have admit, I love the bassinette you posted)

The Vintique Object said...

If you do a patterned ceiling, you'll be my design hero.

Now for the picture of you -- g.l.o.w.i.n.g.

Big smiles,

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Casey, you look adorable :)
Loving the second nursery, I think because it is so unexpected and doesn't scream "nursery". It will be a room your baby can grow up in.

Heather Dzioba said...

I love your ideas for a nursery! It makes me want to have another baby! (although I just had my first girl 3 months ago and got to decorate her nursery:)

Heather Dzioba said...

I love your ideas for a nursery! It makes me want to have another baby! (although I just had my first girl 3 months ago and got to decorate her nursery:)

Shannon @ Project Shannon said...

Looking great these days! You just glow!