what's new upstairs, downstairs

A lot of changes have been happening around here. Upstairs, I have new shelves in the old closet. I suggested that shelves might be better in here than a closet rod now that this guest room is turning into an office. Poor Michael. He volunteered to build them for me. I promise I did not beg him for these. He really wanted to do it. And I kind of feel bad. This guy really needs a day off soon. But, voila! Check them out!

I still need to paint them, but I am in NO mood for more work! My plan might be to just get everything in this office in place and then when the mood strikes (in a few weeks or so?) take things out and paint. I'm feeling a strong need to put things away. Asap. Also, the door can probably go. No need for that with such nice-looking shelves (and baskets to organize all my stuff on those shelves, to come).

For everyone who's been asking about the new carpet too, which I am loving walking on in bare feet by the way, I updated that post with details on where and what and how much.

The more exciting event, I think, has taken place in the kitchen over the past few days. Wiring is done for new appliances, for new outlets in new places, for a light over the sink and over the table-to-be, and for undercabinet lighting. Wow! I can totally see this space coming together now. We also, dramatically, have recessed lights! They're making this dingy, ripped up kitchen look sparkling great (how exactly does that work?) and they're making me so so happy! Next step over the next week or so: move the doorway to its new spot and drywall new walls and ceiling. Stay tuned!


Holly Gruszka said...

Woo hoo! Your shelves are really nice but your lighting is even more exciting. It's amazing how lighting can dramatically change the look and feel of a room. It looks brighter already!

Kate said...

Hi Case, So exciting to see so much coming together. What a difference the lights make and the new office is feeling so cozy already! - Kate

Ashley said...

Love these little progress reports! And I think the idea to remove the door to the closet entirely is a great idea--makes the space feel like a built in then!

Lisha @ 1house1couple said...

loving your office space. the shelves turned out great :)

Yay for a new kitchen! can't wait to see it :)


The Vintique Object said...

It's looking really nice in there, Casey. And removing the door will force you to stay neat and put things away, whereas if you leave it on, at least if I left it on, I'd be very tempted to shove and close!

Lucky you to have such a nice office space.