furnishing the eat-in kitchen

Now that things are really coming together in the kitchen, I'm starting to think about our little dining area by the windows. We ditched the old chairs and are ready to trade in the rectangular table for a traffic-friendlier round one. I've been very on the fence about what pieces I actually want, but this room has been my inspiration for a while now.

southern living

In fact, I have long wanted those exact chairs, and this whole new space would be done now if Ikea still sold them in the US. Arghhh! I should have picked them up a year ago when we started thinking about this whole plan. But now, they are gone, so I need a new look, but I love the texture and comfort these would add. We're thinking of doing a banquette, just like in the inspiration room, and I think a few comfy/casual chairs will soften up the hard lines of all the cabinetry in this room. So I'm still looking for inspiration.

And I've realized it comes down to light table vs. dark. Here are some light looks, with color and pattern and contrast coming in with the banquettes/chairs.

southern living

Maybe a little more formal (and expensive!) with the upholstered chairs than I wanted to go, but I loooove this look. So fresh and fun.

I could so see this mix in our room: white table, light washed wood chairs with interesting detail, and color/pattern on cushions and pillows. We've got the bamboo shades too.

Great rustic table. The aluminum chairs are so great here too (though not really the warm look/feel I'm going for).

And the dark options.

pottery barn

This one shows that at least the dark wood table could work on the dark floor.

But as you can see by the images I'm drawn to, that I'm leaning towards a light table. Still, I want there to be some dark in the room too. This is our one-and-only dining space, so it has to work for light/casual breakfast and darker/more formal dining at night too. This eat-in kitchen caught my eye, with it's extreme contrast.

Thoughts? I put together some looks I think could work in our room.

{1} The natural rattan chairs brings some earthiness to the room and feel relaxed, while the dark table brings a bit of formality. The light's casual and has a bit of sparkle to tie in the stainless steel in the room.

{2} This scheme is along the same lines of the first, but feels more beachy/cottage-y. The light dresses things up a bit and adds some interesting contrast.

{3} Not my favorite scheme though I do like the look of the cafe chairs (and Michael is not a fan of the wicker). So this is to appease him! And the more modern light is up his alley too. That said, these schemes are all a bit mix-and-match. Any light could go with any table/chair combo, and any chair could go with any table/light combo.

So help me out. What do you think? I think any could work. It's just a matter of what works best. And I am tempted to go with #2, because it's the least expensive and at this point in the project there isn't much $$ left for the pretty stuff!


Meg said...

That top banquette room is one of my all time faves too. And I also meant to comment that I love your cabinetry and Kashmir together.
OK, on to the eat-in area. How about the chairs and light from #1, and the table from #1? Not that you needed extra choices but I like the idea of a white table on your dark floors!

Courtney Adams said...

Hi Casey, I follow your blog and LOVE the granite you selected! My mother would love your style; hers is very similar. At any rate, I would steer you away from rattan or wicker in the eating area...someday soon you will be cleaning up pureed baby peas and squash which has sunk into every little tiny crevice! My preference would be for a darker table and then light distressed-looking wood (or even distressed light paint) for more casual chairs. You can add a washable slipcover pad for comfort. And a funky lighting fixture, maybe stainless steel to pull in the tones from your appliances. Just a thought!

Shannon @ Project Shannon said...

I love your first inspiration photo. My favorite look you put together is definitely the second one. Between the nursery, kitchen and dining...is there any project you aren't tackling before this baby arrives??

discount furniture stores said...

When reading a few of your other posts I enjoyed them and liked the furniture, I will bookmark the site and be back.

Erin said...

I like the look of the #2 option. Tho i would probably paint the wicker chair to give a pop of color. I enjoy checking out your blog and love the inspirational ideas that it gives. Thanks,

Camille said...

I'm getting ready to design one, possibly two breakfast nooks and they're both in tight spaces. I was do glad to read one of BHGs recent galleries on small spaces because one of the tips was to use chaos with open backs so that the eye goes through them. For that reason, I'd go with your first and last configurations. I do love the dark table, but the light one is just as nice. And

Camille said...

Started to say that now that I think of it, you could get the light one and then order a linen table skirt from Balkard for dressier occasions? Anyway? I'll shut up now. :)

Kate said...

#2 is my vote! I like the contrast in colors and textures. A nice pop of color would be great on those great wicker chairs too. So fun seeing the kitchen come together!

pam {simple details} said...

I like both looks with the wicker chairs, that texture always looks great and adds such interest!

René said...

All of these are great, but I'm drawn to the light table with wicker chairs. Can't wait to see this all come together - so exciting!

Marissa said...

What is the source of the last breakfast nook picture?
I love the white table and navy print bench. Courious about the rest of the kitchen.

casey at loft and cottage said...

Hi Marissa, Thanks for your comment! I love that one too, but since I didn't credit it in the original post it came from Pinterest (which means it could have come from anywhere). Just by looking at it, I'm guessing the original may have been from Apartment Therapy? I hope this helps a bit. Good luck! ~Casey