our kitchen floors

Phew, progress! And I'm feeling sooo much better about the state of life around here and the fact that this kitchen might actually get done now before baby arrives in 2 short months. Thank you all so much for your wonderful, kind, empathetic, supportive comments on my freaked-out post the other day. It's awesome to know I'm not the only one who's been in this situation (and handled it not so gracefully/peacefully either ;-)

So now the floors are (mostly) down, and we're waiting (and actually ready now) for cabinets to come in. I knew these floors would look good, but they really look incredible. And the room looks huge now!

I did lots of research and a long while back had picked a few options from Lumber Liquidators but actually found the best deal at Build Direct thanks to Dana at House*Tweaking revealing her choice. They were just what I was looking for: dark, rich, varied, handscraped, and cheaper than anything else I'd found. I talked a bit about them here, but you can go see the floors (and buy them too!) here. About $2.50/sq. ft. is an amazing price. And you won't be skimping either. These are the same quality as what I saw at LL for which they were charging at least $1.00/sq. ft. more. And that adds up, friends. By the way, ordering, delivery, and installation were a breeze.

You can see the variation in tones a bit better here. The handscraping means the floor has a textured surface and an already somewhat worn feel which will make all the little dings and scratches the floors are sure to get over the years look perfectly at home there. They also have a pretty matte finish which should be easier to care for than a highly polished surface. And they're wide plank, adding to the somewhat antique look. I'm in love.

By the way, as a reminder, here is the flooring look I was going for. How're we doing? Now if only the rest of our kitchen could look so glamorous!


René said...

This is going to be so pretty! Taking careful notes and keeping your sources in mind. So glad you found a deal on the wood flooring. It looks great!

Jillian {Her Split Ends} said...

Oh I'm LOVING! Such a beautiful color!!

~ Jillian

Jen @ RamblingRenovators said...

The floors look great. I think you're on the road to realizing your inspiration pic!

Sarah said...

Oh man, I'm so jealous!! I loooove these floors!!! Looking back I wish I had just bit the bullet and put something like these in our downstairs instead of trying to refinish the ones we had. Oh well!!! It's going to be beautiful, Casey:)

Kate said...


Shannon @ Project Shannon said...

I am LOVING your floors! Such a great choice - if I ever save enough loot to redo my kitchen, I am SO using those.

Also - one thing I was curious about, is how they looked against the wood floors in the rest of your house. Do you mind (care??) that they don't match perfectly? If we ever did a new kitchen, it would be challenging to match the floors without resanding/staining our entire first floor. So picking something different (and then not caring) would be the easiest choice!

Ash said...

We have the same floors, we are still laying ours but we have some progress too!!! Good taste! love them

The Vintique Object said...

Wow, wow, wow! They look incredible. You must be SO pleased. I'd probably be laying on the floor caressing them, if I were you. And you are right -- it is amazing how much bigger and brighter the entire kitchen looks now. As always, I'm looking forward to seeing the finished kitchen. It's going to be a beauty.