organizing & settling in

Yup, another post about the kitchen! Can you even handle it?! But I promise there are just a few more to go. Other than short list of non-essential items, we are feeling pretty close to done. Right now what I care most about is that I can organize and cook and settle in here. For the past week, we've really been using this room and I'm so happy to say it totally works...and is looking pretty great too. Can I get a shout-out for undercabinet lighting?! It makes everything look better.

good shot of the open shelves, which need some more accessories and styling, and the wine rack, which needs more wine!

the glass-front cabinets need more stuff too; never thought i'd say this,
but we have an excess of cabinet space--a good problem to have!

the main work space, which includes the excellent dishwasher that was the reason for all this reno
What's left to do:
~backsplash tile
~open shelves over sink
~cabinet hardware
~trimwork, including toekick, soffit & crown
~new dining table & chairs
~pendant light over table

...which will all be great to have but I'm happy to say are not have to have. Because we are in need of a little break!


Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

I love how your kitchen is coming together! The cabinet color is so pretty, combined with your counters and that bit of backsplash that I spy. And love the brick wall exposed! So cool.

Shannon @ Project Shannon said...

Looks great, even with some work still left to be done. I am super jealous of all that pantry (and wine!) storage!

Kate said...

Wow, Case, I'm loving your kitchen- looks gorgeous! Wish Ii had the problem of too much cabinetry!

Sarah said...

What? How do you not have like 50 comments on how beautiful this kitchen is already?! Seriously, I'm kinda speechless, it looks so amazing!!! What a transformation, Casey. You and Michael should be so proud. I love the unique use of space around the fridge, especially the bookcase shelves (I think I spy a Betty Crocker cookbook that I have too). Are those all white or the same as the cabinet color? The open shelving and coffee bar is perfect!! You don't have enough stuff to fill all this?, what a problem to have...I'll send you some of my crap;) I am really in awe of this space and I extra love it because I've seen the before and during in person!! So special, thanks!

PS. I'm going to try and make that summer corn chowder recipe tonight! Can't wait:)

Carrie said...

Beautiful! I love the cabinet color, light, exposed brick, all of it really! I can't wait to see the finished product. Just beautiful!

Janie said...

I haven't seen the before yet, but what a fantastic redo of a kitchen. You mentioned you need a new table and chairs; have you thought of just painting the set you have? A pop of color, whatever your heart desires, would look pretty cool to me in there.


Ashley said...

I missed so much while I was away...the kitchen looks fantastic, Casey. You must feel so accomplished before the baby arrives! I'm so in love with the over-the-sink light--such a great choice!

Garden, Home and Party said...

Your kitchen is really pretty. Great job! I love the wine rack along the side of the 'fridge. We installed under cabinet lighting when we remodeled and I'm with you, it makes the room look so great. I really like it when we're not using the kitchen, at night.

René said...

Yay for extra storage! It is looking great! Love the sconce over the sink, the wine cabinet, the open shelves, & glass front cabinets. So many nice details. Glad you are enjoying your new kitchen!

Fran said...

Casey, your kitchen looks great. I love the shaker style cabinets and the color is so you! It must be a relief to have most of this done before the little peanut comes along!! Congrats again!

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

I love it! I love it! I love it! This kitchen has come a LONG way! Enjoy :)

Julia said...

It's all coming together so nicely...just beautiful! Also, love your table runner.