pre-baby getaway

Michael and I had been trying to plan a little midweek getaway before our life completely changes with baby's arrival. (I refuse to call this a "babymoon," but I suppose that's pretty much what this was.)

We've been crazy busy and exhausted from a summer of getting the house ready, including the neverending kitchen reno (no, it's still not really done!) and so a bit of an escape to a friend's house on the Cape (that's Cape Cod, for non-New Englanders) is just what we needed.

so happy to be on vacation!

head of the meadow beach: we pretty much had the place to ourselves

It is peacefully, blissfully quiet and wonderful on the Cape in late September. We were lucky to get some sun-soaked days, and the temps got to around 70 degrees. It was perfection!

More belly pics than you could want? We are just a week and a few days away from the due date now, so more baby pics than you could want are coming soon ;-) And because this design blog post would not be complete without beautiful room images, here's where we stayed. Ready? This "cottage" is so gorgeous. Definitely livable year-round. We didn't want to leave.

to the left is a wall of sliding doors that open to the deck and garden

the house is full of beautiful designer details: not your typical vacation rental

this is the pre-addition, older part of the home, with a low-beamed ceiling that just adds to the coziness

the master bedroom might be my favorite room of all. so much light.

how great is that armoire, and the rug?

and the deck off the master has a beautiful view of the gardens. see what i mean? bliss!


Kim@Chattafabulous said...

You look fantastic! This is such an exciting time in your lives and I'm glad you're documenting it in photos! And that cottage is a far cry from most of the places we stay in for vacay - ours tend to be more Brady-esque!

Peggy Miller said...

Good grief!! What a fabulous place to escape to!! Charming.
Can't wait to see pics of your sweet baby when he/she makes a glorious arrival!
Love to you from Minnesota!!

Ashley said...

Casey, you look PHENOMENAL! The scenes from your weekend are so pretty, and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the time away and got an opportunity to relax.

And the bedroom in your rental? Beautiful! I especially love the artwork above the bed.

Shannon @ Project Shannon said...

Umm that place looks amazing! I'd love it for my first home, let away my vacation home! Good luck over the next week+ - you are looking great!

Sarah said...

Yay for belly pics!! I know you are getting close and was wondering how were feeling! Thanks for sharing with us, you look so cute!!! So glad you and Michael were able to get away after all your hard work. That rental was a great score:) Good luck in the coming days ahead...will be thinking about you and the baby!!

Meg said...

I'm glad you're taking a little time of before the baby gets here. Your pictures are beautiful - you'll be glad to have lots of belly shots in a few years when you almost forget what it's like to be preggo!

Erin Deegan said...

You look beautiful! Good luck to you and your husband... the next few weeks will be so exciting! Can't wait to see photos of the little one!

Kate said...

Loving the belly pics, Case! I think of you every day as the date approaches! Glad you got away :)

Fran said...

Casey, you look adorable!!! You really carry pregnancy well! I'm so happy you guys had a little vacay time before the baby arrives. The cottage is too perfect!! I really loved every detail! Thanks for sharing. I can't believe you're about to have the baby!! We'll be thinking about you!! xoxo

joanne said...


With that glow on your beautiful face and your fabulous baby figure, I can see pure joy and happiness. I know when this little one arrives, he/she is going to know how much mommy wanted him/her.

Much luck with the new arrival to your family.


Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

What a fantastic pre-baby getaway. September really is the bast time to visit the cape, isn't it?
Be sure to keep us posted on your new arrival. I'll be hounding your blog as your due date approaches looking for news!