catching up

I know I have more than a little catching up to do, folks. Here's a little roundup of what we've been doing instead of blogging!

practicing our yoga (okay, just playing in the living room). and oh yes, recovering the ottoman

enjoying a little spring color on a warm evening

learning to crawl

having a blast on vacation with the family

loving the water

enjoying this south carolina view

Now that our spring vaca is over, I really am looking forward to getting back into organization, client work, and blogworld again. Also looking forward to spring in the Northeast. Has it come to you yet?


Holly Gruszka said...

It's a gorgeous spring day down here in PA. I would say perfect actually. And is that your little girl crawling already? Where oh where does the time go. What a cutie. Glad to see you've gotten some R&R in as well.

Sarah said...

OMG, Casey!! She's that old already? How did this happen?! So cute. Isn't it such a fun age? Love the new ottoman color:)