getting creative: kids' playrooms

Since becoming a mom, my design focus these days is pretty much on the bebe—her crib, her clothes, the walls in her room. Someday we hope to have a space where she can play to her heart's content too.

creative and cozy, via lonny

I'll never cease to be amazed at the ingenuity I see out there in kids' playrooms these days. Whether it's a whole room or a cute curtained-off corner, these spaces are so clever and so appealing. They're the perfect spots for little ones to be escape to, to create, to dream, and to just be kids. And of course, if they're put together to look good to a big person's eyes, organized and "designed," all the better.

the storage and symmetry are so perfect here

sometimes a little reading nook is all you need, via decorpad

absolute perfection, by steven gambrel

art room

graphic black and white scheme keeps things looking neat

teepees are everywhere these days—what kid doesn't like hiding out?

if you're feeling adventurous, the rope ladder is very cool

tented ceiling has a fairy tale feel

love the idea of recycling a large spool as a table 

Do you have a playroom for your kids? Is it a whole room or just part of one? Would love to hear how you pulled it together or if you don't have one, what you're dreaming of for your little ones!

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Unknown said...

My kids never had a dedicated playroom but I tried to give them enough floor space in their own bedrooms to give them room to spread out with the toys! Hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day, Casey!