organizing, behind the curtain

A little order is in order around here. Since having the baby, things have gotten a little disorganized in this house. I arrange and rearrange and gather when I can in any spare moment (ha!), but I've needed a good chunk of time to really be able to get a handle on all the junk our pantry has been collecting. But I never seem to get it. Michael's been working extra hours to make up for the fact that I'm not working, though I've been trying to maintain a few clients and take care of a baby full-time too. Add to that teething, restless nights, and ridiculously short naps, and we have had zero time for projects of any kind.

I can't believe I'm showing you this room. Tools, paint supplies, gardening stuff, baby stuff, bulk paper goods, and cleaners of all kinds have ended up here, with no particular place to be. The other day I had a spare hour with Michael home before we needed to get dinner started and I just decided to dive in and tackle it all. I moved most of the tools and painting stuff to the basement and kept only what we need access to most often up on the first floor: baby stuff, summer/beach things, cleaning stuff, bulk goods.

And about 60 minutes later, I was feeling SO good to look at a neat space, knowing where everything goes, and to have control over something around here! What have you organized lately? And how good did it feel?!


faye said...

i use baskets to organize my stuffs on shelves :)

Kate said...

Nice work, Case! I am constantly organizing the playroom, the kids' closets and my definitely feels great, but still feels like a never-ending battle, at least around here! The key for me is regularly donating any clutter....I swear, I'd be most happy living a simpler life with minimal belongings. I give away and sell items each month and then feel like the day-to-day organizing comes much easier. The other key for me is not buying stuff we really don't need- although Im a sucker for all the pretty organizing supplies.....the irony! Planning a yard sale when we are home from summer trips- always a great way to start Fall.

René said...

Looks great! I have several closets that need some serious TLC! Love the curtain!