armoires: beautiful storage

Whatever happened to the armoire? They've gone somewhat gone out of fashion in interior design in the past 10 years or so—or at least the massive ones used to hide a tv have, which is just fine. But in many interiors, they never went away, and I'm glad. If the scale is not too huge, I think an armoire can be so beautiful and functional in almost any room. If you're lucky enough to have a cabinet like this, I hope you're showing it off and putting it to use in your home!

in the kitchen

in the bath

for kids' stuff

for your stuff

for china and serveware 

as a bar

for books

for linens

Although the vintage armoires are lovely, a cabinet doesn't have to be an antique to be great-looking and hardworking. Do you have one in your home? How are you using it?


My Little Bungalow said...

Casey, I agree ... I like armoires. We have one in our guest room that holds my clothes. It's a new piece, not antique, but is in the Craftsman style. It has great display space on top, where I put a large piece of pottery and some old photos. I love the first photo you chose of the armoire in the kitchen, the one further on of the armoire as bar, and the last photo of the piece with glass doors!

Up to Date Interiors said...

The one in the kitchen is gorgeous and the one holding the books by the stairs. Thanks for sharing!

René said...

These images are all great examples of how useful and attractive armoires are. I really like them used in kitchens.