this little house came on the market

Nope, we're not really ready to move just yet, but just for kicks I occasionally stalk the real estate listings in our area (this is our idea of a good time, right?!). And when I stumbled across this 1880 property in our neighborhood and for a very tempting price I started dreaming...

The stone wall is especially charming.

And you know I've always wanted a barn.

The interior leaves a lot of room for improvement, but that would be the fun part, right? Can you see the potential?

I think we would jump on this place if we could be guaranteed to sell my house and Michael's house that we're currently renting quickly. But then again this place is not huge—at only 3 bedrooms and 2 baths it is not much bigger than where we are now—so despite all the charm it may not be the most practical choice. But I'll continue to dream. And stalk.


Sunflowers With Smiles said...

Lovely farmhouse. Yes I say it does have potential. Loving the stone wall around perimeter of home. I love to stalk homes too!

Brandi said...

It's so charming. I pass by a house similar to this one not far from me all the time. I dream of living there. Gotta convince the owners to sell! Ha!!