more than just a laundry room

Suzanne Kasler does it again. I adore her style: it feels light, fresh, orderly, soothing. The September issue of Southern Living featured one of her recent renos. Have you seen it? This room in particular, even more than the kitchen, which is beautiful, don't get me wrong, was the standout for me. It's so much more than just a laundry room.

Of course, it's got a washer and dryer so it is a laundry room. But I see a door (a Dutch door, so perfect!) that could be an entry door, so this is also a mudroom. I see hooks and plenty of storage. I see gardening supplies and a sink so this is a potting room too. It does SO much, and it's all so darn pretty. All the white helps, and marble is elegant, but bonus points go to the painted ceiling (so fun to make a small room feel special!), substantial pendant lights, window treatment, and accessories like the mirror, basket, tray, and flowers that make this hardworking room feel so good.


René said...

I love everything about this room! That was my favorite feature!

lisak said...

Beautiful room, but I am so over those giant industrial pendants. Please, can we all move on?

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

Hi, I came over from Cozy Caroline. This laundry room is amazing. Maybe laundry would go smoother with this decor?