so, this happened

We weren't planning on building a new deck this year, but our insurance company pretty much said, either it goes or your coverage goes. So...a few weekends later, we now have a brand spanking new deck! It was falling apart, and we knew we had to repair/replace it, but darn it, we were trying to avoid another major project this year. We have a wedding to pay for in a few weeks, remember?! But in an old house, stuff happens, and surprise repairs can pop up at any time. 

We got quotes for this job anywhere from $9,000 to $12,000. You're kidding, right!?! So guess what Michael did (with help from select family and friends—thank you!!)? In all, we spent about $1500 for materials. Not bad savings, I'd say.

It was not even close to being finished, but I couldn't wait to get the furniture back up there. 

In the end, we're happy to have a new, pretty, and safe place to hang out in our backyard. Now on to the next project: staining and sealing this beauty. Add it to the list.

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Ashley said...

Oh, homeownership! A surprise at every corner. It is a good thing you are marrying a handy guy because most men would see this obstacle as insurmountable.

Glad you have a safe and pretty place to sit and enjoy the rest of the summer weather!