and now, coming back down to earth

We are married! And we had such a wonderful wedding weekend with our families, it's hard to get back to reality. I'll apologize right here and now for having no pictures yet. We are dying for them too! I promise when I get them I'll dedicate a post to our lovely little wedding. The weather was gorgeous, spirits were high, and life was GOOD.

the remains of the bouquet

And now it's time to get my head out of the clouds. Hard to do. It's been helping me to make to-do lists, and boy are those lists long. I really should not bore you with every last detail, but there is some interesting client work coming up I will be sharing with you.

One is a living room, and here's some inspiration...

lauren liess interiors

And another is a guest bath and a master bath. The rooms are not nearly this grand, but we are looking for a warmer color scheme, not all white and gray, and this palette feels perfect to me right now.

geoff chick & associates architects

I'll also, I hope, be doing a shared boys' room, which is something new for me. If I could translate this space into a room for two, it would be perfect. The bold stripe, the wood wall, the industrial light, the simple but eye-catching wall decor are all just right.

pinterest (anyone know original source?)

The other big projects around here are outdoors at our house. I have yard cleanup, lawn reseeding, and some deck staining going on. Now that fall is here and our wedding is over, I'm coming back to earth and starting to feel grounded. As exhilarating as our special day was, it's nice too to come home and start settling in again. Just how you're supposed to feel when autumn rolls around. Hope you all are enjoying some quiet but productive time at home too—and that little chill in the air. I'm happy to be back!


Ashley said...

What happy, happy news, Casey! Are you planning a honeymoon?

It sounds like you are in high-demand these days!

René said...

Congratulations Casey! Looking forward to your upcoming projects and love the inspiration images!

Julia said...


Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

A big happy congratulations to you!!!!