ravens in the foyer

Have I ever shown off my foyer before? No? Well, maybe for good reason: it's an awkward space with crazy angled walls and a metallic paint job that I somehow thought would make this room a little gem but just makes it look like an art project gone wrong. Good thing Halloween came along. It has never looked better than it does now, all dressed up with these raven wall decals. Emerson is in LOVE with this room and insists we keep the door open so she can marvel at the birdies.

As a side note, this is also the favorite use I've found so far for an antique ribbon I picked up at Brimfield years ago.

Have you done your Halloween decorating yet? I never used to do it. I mean, I hated Halloween. But when you have a child, everything really does change! Just like they say it will. Seeing Emmy so excited means we're just beginning to get into some holiday decorating in our house that we never would have considered before.

Incidentally, notice this color scheme totally fits my previous post? Autumn black and gold, yes!

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