pull up a comfy little seat

Everyone loves a good ottoman, and these days there are just so many to choose from. I like all the great fabrics in fun colors and graphic patterns available now, from just about everywhere at every price point. No need to stick with solid fabrics or good old leather—though there's a place for those too. But these are cute, little, go-everywhere-and-anywhere kinds of ottomans, from family room to playroom to bedroom.

These poufs from West Elm are more like beanbags—soft, fun, fabulous. They really got me started on this ottoman kick:

Here's more to love:

Gum Drop pillows/ottomans; sew-it-yourself pattern and fabric from Amy Butler
Target has quite a selection, from batik blue...

and from Overstock, because you can never have too many, a set of three nesting ottomans.

So, in honor of the weekend (and to me actually having a weekend off—yeah!) I highly recommend finding yourself your very own ottoman and pulling up a seat or putting your feet up. Enjoy!

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Valerie Wills Interiors said...

WOW - the gum drops are gorgeous - a sort of take on the Moroccan pouf.