house beautiful

I'm loving the feel of this totally expansive, soothing white space today. Especially in summer, every home should be as open to the air, sunlight, and warmth as this one is. There's zero humidity in the air today, and the sky is cyrstal blue. Today is perfect for this home, where indoors and outdoors lose their boundaries and you can't tell where one starts and the other begins. Look at those glass doors! They're the size of entire walls. Hope your weekend is full of the kind of easy, breezy living this space exemplifies.


Erin Deegan said...

wow. that's really all i have to say. right?

Erica @ Decorica said...

I looooove those giant doors - so open!

René said...

I love this! It reminds me of a house in the Cali desert with walls that roll up, literally. They have no bugs or humidity so it is perfect. When we walk by in the evening sounds of laughter and music fill the air.

Have a great weekend!