planning my escape

I am deep into planning for Italy in September, and as our plans get more firm my excitement is threatening to put me over the edge. Must. Go. Here. Now.

The b&bs are booked, so the trip is starting to feel more real. One of my best college freinds and I are heading back to Europe, where we haven't been since our student days, to relax, explore, see, and savor. I know she could not be more excited either. When I sent her the links to the places I'd found, the pictures brought her to tears! Yes, Tuscany is that beautiful. We're going to split our time and stay for a few days each near Cortona and Siena, and in the meantime will be cruising around the countryside, stopping, discovering, strolling, biking and of course, sipping and tasting.

The pool stays open into September. I hope the weather will be warm enough to enjoy it.

I can imagine having a happy, sparkling party in this loggia. Who wants to come?


Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

Oh I do!! We went to Italy 3 years ago for a huge family reunion. 21 of us traveled together. We stayed in Lucca since that is where my family is from. Then we did short trips from there to many other spots. But if you get a chance try to go to Lucca. Its a seriously beautiful walled city. The other place I would go back to if I had the chance, Cinque Terre. Just breath taking towns by the sea. I'm sure you will have tons of fun no matter where you end up!

René said...

You lucky girls. I have always wanted to go there and visit my husband's family. They live in Milan. Isn't the planning and anticipation part of the fun? :)


Dovecote Decor said...

Orvieto is also a wonderful stop. The Cathedral has the most amazing fresco ever: Devils are flying around with red laser like light coming out of their eyes. Its amazing, because there was nothing like that when they were painted, so it is pure imagination. Great trip!

casey at loft and cottage said...

Thanks for the suggestions, Anita and Dovecote. I will add them to the list! Rene, why haven't you been yet?!?

Unknown said...

Me, meeeee, meeee... I'll come!! How breathtaking. I'm going to Michigan in September and you're going to Tuscany. Not that I'm not happy to see all my friends in Michigan but I'd rather tag along on a trip to Italy. he, he.

Right around the corner.. if I forget to wish you a great trip then, I'm wishing it for you now!!