guest blogger: fran from green street

Today I want to welcome my friend Fran of the lovely blog Green Street. Fran has a wonderful eye and a love for design that comes through in every post she writes. Her blog takes us through her ideas and inspirations as well as lovely creative projects that add beauty and style to her home.

a love for the old: pewter

Hi! It's Fran from Green Street and it's a pleasure to be filling in for Casey while she is away. A huge thanks to Casey for asking me to guest blog—her blog is a daily must read! So, with Casey traveling in Italy, I couldn't help but think of a rural, provincial life—almost stepping back in time. With autumn upon us, it felt appropriate to do a post on one of my favorite tabelware pieces—pewter.    

Here, an antique pedestal table topped with some beautiful pewter pieces. To me pewter represents the old—a love for what was once before—so simple and timeless in design. Not too dissimilar to Italy. And, like Italy, pewter is versatile. Take pewter and 'match' it with more contemporary designs and you can't go wrong. 

Pewter flatware mixed with a modern (nautical) themed place setting. I'm loving those faux bois plates.  

Here, a beautiful mix of old and new candlesticks that would look so pretty on a table or mantel.  

And, I leave you with a beautiful tablescape which reminds me of the idyllic Italian countryside.  So, have you tried to incorporate any pewter in your home design?  If not, would you?

Thank you again, Casey.  We hope you're having a wonderful time!!


René said...

Great post Fran! Pewter and fall are a perfect pairing as fall does feel like we are stepping back in time. Love the mix of old and new.

Julie Holloway said...

Oh, to be in Italy right quite jealous.

Love old pewter, too!

Mary Ellen (ME) said...
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Mary Ellen (ME) said...

Let's try again. Casey, thanks for inviting Fran over to guest blog... I am a follower and fan of BOTH blogs!
Fran, I love the feel of weighty old pieces. They kind of make me wonder who from the past has held and admired them before me. Pewter is lovely, as was this guest post! See you on Green Street!

Arlene Grasman said...

Love the antique pedestal...sooo charming :)