architectural inspiration

In Italy, or at least where I traveled, beauty really is all around. I loved all the architectural details on view, it seemed, at every turn.
Which of course made me think of bringing the detail, pattern, and ornamentation I was seeing into the home. An obvious translation to home decor is this gorgeous facade striped in marble.

The stripes struck me as so on trend it was strange to think that that facade had existed for hundreds of years. Just goes to show, the best trends really aren't trends. They've been around forever.

via mi vida bonita

The Ikea Stockholm rug here is everywhere now. And I love stripes on walls, furniture, fabrics.

elle decor

amanda nisbet

via brabourne farm

mary mcdonald

photo: melanie acevedo

I also loved all the patterns underfoot. So many cobblestones, parquet floors, tile pavers, etc., etc. This broken herringbone pattern is on the floor of the Coliseum.

I'm in love with the tiny pavers and the patina. Herringbone can {and in my opinion, should!} go anywhere.

james michael howard


Adore this backplash! And of course, the ubiquitous chevron pattern below is just another version of herringbone.


Che bella! I'm inspired. And I don't know about you, but my home could definitely use some more old World-influenced patterns.


René said...

Yes, yes, yes!! I love this post and how right your are.

Fran said...

That striped MARBLE facade would've have stopped me dead in my tracks! Breathtaking!