online shopping for happy budgets and stylish rooms

While I often prefer shopping at smaller boutiques, there is no doubt that sometimes the best styles and always the best bargains are available at the big box stores of online retailers. For me, I like to hit Target and Wal-mart to see what kinds of styles I can get for ridiculously low prices. Yeah, I said Wal-mart. Remember this ottoman that Decorica spotted that made the rounds of blogworld? It was 50 bucks. Yup. And look what some creative ladies did with it...

It looks amazing recovered in a great geometric fabric and mixed with an Ikea sofa in Rene's living room.

Emily also recovered hers (isn't the fabric gorgeous?) and is using it as a dining bench. Brilliant.

This is what bargain shopping allows you to do—save money, get a little creative, mix high and low, and get a completely custom look.

If I shop a little at Overstock and Target and Wal-mart, that leaves room in my budget for a designer fabric or pillow, quality lighting, or one-of-a-kind items from Wisteria or Viva Terra (not tiny stores by any means, but a bit more boutique-y and definitely more expensive) and Etsy.

Speaking of Overstock, I can never get over their $2.95 shipping, for anything, anything on the site. Here's what they've got that I think is worth snapping up right now. Who can afford real Tolix stools? These look like great reproductions. They're $245 through Sundance but just $117 for TWO at Overstock. You can save on these and then maybe splurge on lighting.

Then I searched under tables and found this beauty.

How great would this mirrored piece look as an end table in your living room or in your bedroom as a night stand. Best part? It's just $199.

Under buffets there's this sideboard with great lines—I would use it as a tv console.

Overstock's also got some great arm chairs and little accent chairs. And again, thankfully none of these is going to break the bank. This one (love those low arms and the nailheads) is a favorite. I'd use it as a desk chair.

So, happy shopping, happy sticking-to-budget, and happy mixing and matching, everyone! And I've got a little something to make the deals you find even sweeter. Overstock has graciously offered a 10% discount code to my readers. Use 121728 at checkout.

As always, all the ideas and opinions expressed in this post are my own. No monetary compensation was received for doing this post; however, I was provided with a discount code.


Kat @ City Southern said...

Great finds! I just bought two ottomans from KMart to re-upholster - super cheap! Now I just need the right fabric... And yesterday I was *this* close to buying a chandelier from Overstock but didn't. With your coupon code, I think I might click "buy"! Thanks!! :)

casey at loft and cottage said...

Awesome, Kat! Let me know if you buy!

René said...

I agree Casey, selective shopping leaves a little wiggle room for special pieces. Thanks for the shout out :)


Jenn @ Living Luxe for Less said...

These are great finds! I'm always looking for new ways to decorate on a budget, and I love mixing budget pieces with a few standout luxe accessories!

Erica @ Decorica said...

I love that zebra ottoman and hope to someday have one of my own. Can't believe how many people have ordered it now!! said...

I think that ottoman/bench is the best thing going!

Kat @ City Southern said...

Casey, I used the coupon code! It worked great and with the 10% plus waiting a few days I saved over $40!! They are doing $1 shipping now too =) THANKS!