inspiration: nailhead trim

Nailheads can do no wrong! Who's with me? I love the detail and bit of sparkle they add, and how they highlight shapes so dramatically or cleverly create pattern where there was none before. Nailheds will always look fabulous in place of welting to trim out the lines of chairs and sofas, but here are some of my favorite images that demonstrate how creatively you can use them.

Annie Selke's decorative nail headboard. No words. Just awesome.

Ashley Goforth's rattan-wrapped and nailhead-trimmed desk. A beauty!

Similar treatment on coffee table in a Phoebe Howard room.

Absolutely incredible closet doors by design firm Nickey Kehoe.

Love the red upholstered door trimmed in nailheads in Alessandra Branca's office.

Bryn Alexandra's nailhead pinboards. Love the way the nails frame each collage in the series.

Clever framing of a built-in kitchen cabinet, by Elizabeth Kimberly Design.

Mary McDonald's brilliant nailhead bed and wall!

Not sure who did this room, but whoever you are, you are a genius. Yes, those shelves have nailhead trim!

I would love to try each and every one of these projects in my house. Is that too much nailhead? Yeah, probably. Oh, but I love it! At least for now, I have just one simple nailhead project in mind, and if all goes well (cross your fingers!) I will reveal it tomorrow!

Have you used nailhead trim in your home? Email me if you've got a creative project to share!


Fran said...

Casey, these are great nailhead inspiration pics!! I adore the second pic w/the nailhead trimmed desk! I love nailhead too and used Bryn's tutorial to do my bulletin boards w/brass nailheads and I love it!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE nailhead! And this is a great round-up. I'm kind of dying to DIY that rattan wrapped/nailhead trimmed desk!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

I haven't ..... yet!

René said...

I do love it, but I'm lazy and would have to go small with a diy project :)


Shannon @ Project Shannon said...

This is a great post! I love nail head trim too. Really great photo finds all around.