designer to love: patrick sutton

I was recently turned on to designer Patrick Sutton by a friend of mine lucky enough to interview him for a local magazine. I'll be sure to share when the interview comes out, but in the meantime prepare to be blown away by these shots of his work. I was!

I love how Sutton creates modern spaces that feel cozy aind inviting, uses vintage pieces in a way that feels current, and uses art and architecture to create environments more than just rooms.

That red lampshade is perfection.

A small room done right.

Love the European feel of so many of his spaces.

No words for how great this room is.

The red art and the portrait hung over the window coverings — brilliant!

Dying over this bathroom and that stunning tile wall.

Pared down traditional is perfection for a Georgetown home.

Patrick Sutton also does some pretty amazing restaurant design. There's so much more at his site; check it out here.


Sara said...

These are stunning! And I love the rug in the first photo- Any ideas on where a similar one could be found?? I'm on the hunt for a geometric pattern rug in a neutral color and this one looks great!

Fran said...

So Impressive! I love the bathroom and that is so clever to have a panel of tile above the tub- it's like artwork!! Beautiful!! Glad you got the Christmas card!!

René said...

Looks like he has found the perfect balance between traditional and modern. Beautiful!

-Rene said...

Wow, thanks for the introduction. That 'waterfall" affect of tile in the bath is fantastic. Great stuff to soak in like a sponge :)

casey at loft and cottage said...

Thanks for your comment, Sara. Tried to get to your profile to email you, but it is blocked? Anyway, there is a very similar rug at Ballard-- Dash & Albert also have a great selection--a little thinner, but cleanable indoor/outdoor--here Good luck!