under the eaves

In the last few days, I've come across two inspiring, and very different, images of attic spaces. Are they trying to tell me something? I have two tiny rooms on my third floor, with sharply sloped ceilings—essentially my attic. And I love how these rooms show the breadth of possibility available in this often overlooked space. I'd love to create something really special in my attic, and these rooms give me so many beautiful ideas.

Top takeaways of great attic spaces:
{1} Dormers, skylights, porthole windows for lots of light
{2} Built-ins
{3} Mirror mounted on sloped wall/ceiling
{4} Wall mounted lighting
{5} Desk by the window
{6} Wall of closets or wall of beds
{7} Curtains instead of closet doors soften the angles in the room

I would love to start demo-ing my space right now to create the ultimate guest room/exercise room/lounge retreat! An attic rooms presents such great opportunities. It's calling to me.


René said...

That first image is Cottage Living right? Love it. If you don't need the space for storage then go for it. I have friends who did this fairly easily and it was an amazing transformation.

Enjoy your weekend.


Karen said...

My daughter's room has angled walls and only a single very narrow window. They do present a challenge.

Fran said...

Love this idea, but it would need to have natural light which you mentioned!! It would do wonders for resale!!

Shannon @ Project Shannon said...

I love that first photo - totally my style. I think well used attic space can add so much to a home. If only my attic space wasn't already two bedrooms!

Unknown said...

such a great use of space! love the efficiency of attic space - your takeaways are spot on. Great post!

Chic Coles said...

we really like the second image.Some thing about all that white and brightness in an attic.

Anonymous said...

OH I love these!!! My mind is now spinning, wishing we could do that in our house...we totally have the height in the attic, just more the windows that would be an issue. Hmmmm. Yay for free extra square footage!

lemondropdreams said...

We've talked about going into the attic, I don't think we'll ever pull the trigger. It helps to have the visual of how it would work with sloped ceilings.

Katie said...

those rooms are lovely!

new follower: katie

Rashon Carraway said...

Yes, so much possibilities. How tall are you ceilings?

casey at loft and cottage said...

Mr. GWH, not tall enough! I was thinking just now of actually going up into the attic. But then would have to reinsulate, build new walls, ceiling, etc. Lots of work but it would gain me a few feet above and feel so lofty.