getting warmer

So what if it's still winter? Spring will get here eventually. In the meantime, we may have to create our own warmth. That must be why lately I'm finding myself drawn to all these tones from the side of the color wheel I don't normally go to: persimmons, corals, raspberries, tangerines, and fuchsia. Bring on the heat!

How fun would it be to paint your front door coral?

tracery interiors

I love a good stencil, and this is one of my faves. Along similar lines, I am also really into the fabric below and would love to have it backed and made into wallpaper for my someday laundry room. ProSeal Plus is one of the only companies I know that does this.

That red chest is a standout, and it's always fun bringing color in with art.

Below: Another favorite red piece, cinnamon really, from Ruthie Sommers.


Orange and pink together make me happy.

homes and gardens

There is nothing about this room I don't like. Persimmon and taupe make a good marriage!


Happy kitchen with another favorite fabric, David Hicks' La Fiorentina. Am dying to use this somewhere in my house. Maybe upstairs will be my warm zone, since downstairs is purely the domain of cool blues and green? It is hotter up there...

6 comments said...

Hi Casey. I adore every image in this post. I love warm reds, corals, perssimmon. I have bee trying to figure out for some time now how to work them in. Great post!

Karen said...

Loving the orange and pink space, one of my favorite color combinations to use for flowers when entertaining.

Fran said...

My kinda post, Casey! Love all these colors and love Hicks'La Fiorentina fabric!!

Julie said...

I am DYING to use that pink La Fiorentina somewhere. No place for it right now, but I would totally hoard some if I came across it!

Shannon @ Project Shannon said...

I love the coral front door. It's such a nice touch against those weathered shingles. Great find!

René said...

Yes! I've been eying that red chest in the Ruthie Sommers image. Red is really growing on me for painted furniture and pops of color.