new ways with books in the home

One of the most interesting comments I got about my console yesterday was about the styling of my books. Why were they backwards? Was this a new trend?

Well, I think it might be. (And even if it's not, I like the cleanness of it; the lack of distraction from multiple random book covers with their different colors and fonts.) Anyway, there are lots of untraditional ways with books out there right now. Here's the evidence.

Books facing backwards, and covered wth lovely script paper.

More paper-covered books.

Books lying on their sides, ends visible.

Michelle Adams' bookcase, with books lying flat and stacked.

More covered books. I really love how uniform and seamless this look is. The only problem is finding a book when you want it!


source unknown

Stacked on furniture.

domino mag

And as furniture. Books as side tables are everywhere.

Or as just a single tall stack or tower, in Michelle Adams' apartment again.

So where do you stand on books? Are you a traditionalist, organizing them alphabetically or by subject? Or would you go for one of these new ways of displaying them? You can see which trend I am embracing, despite the unpracticality of it. In my case, at least for now, looks trump actually knowing which books I have and where they are!


lemondropdreams said...

I didn't notice your books when I looked at the picture yesterday. I don't have a lot of books, I'm too busy watching trasy reality TV to read. I do have some books that I don't necessarily want "displayed" but turning them backwards is a good way to fill space in my bookcase. Thanks for the pics!

Kara Parlin said...

I read and reference my books a lot, so I prefer to display them spine-out. Depending on the size of the shelf I stand them up or stack them on their sides in order of height.

René said...

I like this post Casey. Books are great to fill in areas and to use to add height. I'm loving the console!


Southwest Cottage Designs said...

Books. The smell of books. Books. Bookstores. Books. Libraries. Books. LOL! I love them all. Oh, and I love to decorate with them, too. The tower especially made me smile. So cute. I love your post.

Samantha said...

I love books but find them visually "busy" for my style. Love your idea of turning them out. Also love your book display roundup.

Kristi@lovelyvélo said...

that wooden elle decor bed with the bookshelves on either side is so precious. would love to be snuggled in there right now!

very pretty blog you have here!


I love the look of them turned around but it would drive me crazy to have to look for a specific book. :) I'm sort of all over the place - in some rooms they're on the side, some are upright, some are mixed . . .

Ms. Bake-it said...

Oh how I love books! I have books in every room of my house. Some are stacked and others are standing up all with spines out. In some locations they are grouped together by subject matter but primarily they are just randomly placed here and there. All of my books were bought for my reading pleasure because I have a wee addiction to reading. I have read and each and every book in my home. I used to be rather OCD about my books and had them grouped by subject matter and alphabetized by the author's name. Yeah, I was that bad… Although I am more relaxed about my books now, having them turned around backwards would probably drive me crazy. I also do not stack too many on top of one another because I want to be able to grab one without the rest tumbling down.

Shannon @ Project Shannon said...

You were able to find such great photo examples for this post. I love the look of covered books, myself. But you're right - finding one can become quite the challenge!

Tanna said...

Your post makes me want to go turn all my books around backwards. =)