endless la fiorentina love

james ransom photography

Yesterday I happily stumbled across this photo of a sofa upholstered in David Hicks' La Fiorentina, and I fell in love with this fabric all over again. I adore this application and the neutral colorway, and this beautiful image reminds me how this fabric is really turning into a timeless classic. It doesn't get old, does it?


Geometric contrast on a little chair brings just a little drama to this room.

jennifer delonge

Love it on a large upholstered piece.

ruthie sommers in domino

My favorite colorway. So happy!

palmer weiss

So creative to dress a table with it. I like it.

angie hranowsky

Awesome draperies. Enough said.
iantha carley

 The lime colorway! We don't see enough of it, in my opinion.

Adorable on a little ottoman! Perfect because it works so well with other patterns.


The ivory/bark colorway looks so amazing against all the white and with other neutrals.

southern living

Unexpected on a bedskirt. And a perfect addition to this room! Which colorway and/or application is your favorite?


René said...

You are right - it is a classic. I'm with you on the green, more please!

Karen said...

It is a beautiful pattern that would work well with so many design styles.


I completely agree - I think I'm now in love all over again too. :) The bark colorway may be my favorite. Could that chair be any better? :)

Rachel said...

I've always loved that picture from Palmer Weiss - I love the natural colorway.

Maria Johns said...

Adore this fabric and what a lovely surprise on a bedskirt!! gorgeous!!

Julia Ryan said...

I love that fabric in every picture and in every color!

My Many Moments said...

I love this classic fabric! The first picture is amazing. I love that gold lamp!