outdoor formal

Maybe it's because my backyard is a little wild and unkempt, but I am drawn to this very civilized outdoor space right now.

ty larkins

The pavers and boxwoods and fountain give it all some structure, and the ivy-covered wall gives it a secret garden kind of feel. Now that the weekend is finally here, I hope to enjoy it, if not exactly in a space like this, then definitely outside on the deck and maybe in front of the firepit. Hope you find a lovely space too to while away the hours with some good food, a good book, or good company. Enjoy!


The Vintique Object said...

I swear, I like everything you post. Everything!

I love this little outdoor space too. I think the awning and light fixture do it for me.

designchic said...

Isn't is gorgeous?! The ivy adds so much charm and character...just love ~

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Having a backyard that looked like this would pretty much rock. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Casey!

René said...

To me this is perfect. My yard and patio look nothing like it though. I love the order of it all and would feel less compelled to jump up and pull weeds (like at my house).