what lies beyond

When I first saw it, this image got me thinking of how I love those interior shots that glimpse a room through a doorway. So intriguing! These photos keep me lingering just a little longer, wondering what more in that room there is to see...

amador toril
grace dumalac design

twig hutchison

bunny williams

william hodgins

annette joseph

house & home

e cummings



The Cuban In My Coffee said...

I agree with you. What a great way to capture a room. Almost in a mysterious keep you guessing for more kind of way.
I love the room with the table and really cool light hanging from the wood rafters. I can't tell if it's dinning or some sort of library with the shelves but very cool.


Whitney (the cuban in my coffee)

Fran said...

I love this look esp. french doors that lead into another room. Have you seen Michael Penney's new Maine house on CHH. He put in french doors from the LR to DR and it looks great!

Ispirato Design said...

It's true, each picture keeps you hanging...an intriguing way to show an interior...and what amazing interiors they are!

ALR said...

There is something cool about a photo taken through a doorway. These are all lovely shots.

The Vintique Object said...

Casey -- I just found this through the Link Within. You wrote about this topic way before I did!