dutch doors

It feels like summer, and it's sunny and bright and warm and breezy and all of a sudden I really want all my doors and windows wide open to the outside. You know what would make me super happy this time of year? A Dutch door. How charming are they?!

coastal living

I guarantee you won't feel like you're stuck inside in the kitchen when that top door is open.

windsor smith

Love the blue color on this one.

via happy house blog

Makes for a pretty exit to the garden.

coastal living

Great diamond pattern on the mullions lends some interest, and the yellow is a great punch. This looks like a perfect beach house. Then again, what beach house isn't perfect? Are you a fan of Dutch doors? What do you do in your house in summer to open your interiors to the outdoors?


Ashley said...

Oh my! There are very few architectural elements that are an absolute must-have in my dream home, and a dutch door is first on the list!! Beautiful pictures to add to my inspiration files.

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! I was just telling the hubs the other day how I want our side door to be a dutch door. Perfect way to let the breeze in--while keeping the doggies in too!
Btw, your front porch is looking great!

designchic said...

Oh how I love a dutch door. So charming and perfect in a breakfast room!!

René said...

I do love dutch doors! My mother has one on her house, but never uses it. Maybe I should exchange doors with her.

The Vintique Object said...

I have always, always wanted a dutch door. Sigh...

The yellow one is so pretty.

Anthony Blommel said...

I didn't know this kind of door is called a dutch-door. You're right though, these doors are perfect, especially during summer. I wonder if I should get these installed in my house, in preparation for the heat-soaked season.

cabinets NJ said...

This collection of yours is amazing. I also love this kind of door because it gives you the feeling of exposure but not overly exposed. The blue one is fantastic and it perfectly contrasts to the overall interior color. The combination of those yellow and blue doors in the last picture is so appealing. This just gave me something to be busy about one of these days. Thank you for sharing.