thinking about the kitchen part 1

I've got projects on my mind lately, and the big one that's floating around in there is my kitchen. Ever since I hooked up with man who's job is kitchen cabinets, and then he promised me some for free, not to mention snagging a countertop and some appliances at a serious discount from some well-placed connections, I have been dreaming and planning. We're talking about changing everything, and I could not be more excited. It's all in a day's work for him, but as anyone who has a not-so-functional kitchen knows, it'll be life-changing for me!

One of my all-time favorite ktichens. Tons of counter space. And an island. And love the dramatic black balanced with white. Jealous.

Here's what's on the agenda, for sometime this fall or winter:
1. Rearranging the layout to gain more counter space.
2. Dishwasher, dishwasher, dishwasher.
3. A mix of closed cabinets and open upper shelving.
4. Farmhouse sink and new faucet.
5. New countertop.
6. Possible banquette seating.
7. Moving the washer and dryer upstairs to the pantry off the kitchen.

Stay tuned as I share my thoughts and dreams for this space over the coming weeks. You can see my current kitchen here. Suggestions/ideas/comments welcome! What would you do?


The Hip Hostess said...

I'm so with you on the black cabinets, the farmhouse sink and the banquette. Great ideas!

Holly Gruszka said...

I think you initial update is pretty great, but I have to say that a dishwasher is life-changing and our laundry is still in the basement but being able to have it on the main floor would be incredible. You will love the updates and I'm anxious to see the process once you get started.

Lauren@BaylorSays... said...

Okay, I'll take your exact list and call it my own. So jealous that you've got a fancy kitchen man!! My man can't change lightbulbs, so my redo will be a smidge more pricey. :-)

I'll be following your progress!

Ashley said...

Oh, Casey, I'm CRAZY for your list. Love the farmhouse sink and open shelving ideas. After looking at your kitchen as it currently is, will you be recessing the fridge? What type of flooring are you thinking of? I'd LOVE to see your cabinets go all the way to the ceiling to maximize storage, but matter what I say, I'm sure you'll create a fabulous space!

Can't wait to see the progress!

The Vintique Object said...

I guess it will come as no surprise that this is also one of my all time favorite kitchens. I'm so going to copy that way the bamboo shades are hung in mine, which I just finished painting and which I already wish had more contrast like this one. I also have been loving dark wood lowers and white uppers recently too. (Like the recent House Beautiful and the Sunset one with the huge horse head above the range.)

So exciting to see what you will do with yours. Of course, I already love your kitchen redo.


(P.S. Is your master upstairs or down?)

casey at loft and cottage said...

Camille, we are so on the same page! Love those spaces too. And I have a feeling the dreaming/planning will be a lot more fun that the doing. My space is so small and awkward that it will never achieve Cottage Living or HB status! But we can aspire. My master is down--in fact, close to the kitchen, which is odd placement too. Yours?

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Casey! This is so exciting! I can't wait to follow along and live vicariously through you :)

René said...

Excited for you! Love the list and can't wait to see it all come together. The inspiration image is perfect!

Lori @ Lori May Interiors said...

Love your inspiration photo! A blank slate, what a wonderful place to start. I love the idea of the dark cabinets and the banquette. Look forward to seeing what you come up with!
Take care,

Fran said...

This kitchen is amazing - I love how the contrast is so stark yet so natural and inviting. I'm sure that is not an easy balance to achieve. THere are so many things I love about this kitchen and I think the height of the backsplash is so unique. I can't wait to see what you do with your kitchen, Casey - it'll be nothing short of fantastic!! You're so lucky with access to free cabinets & discounted appliances!!