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Today we have my great blog friend Fran of Green Steet talking about current fall trends, and I for one love where she's going with this. Thanks, Fran, for visiting while I'm away! Make sure you check out Fran's stylish, inspiring blog—click her header below!

A year ago this time I was guest posting for Casey while she traveled through Italy's beautiful countryside and here we are again!! Thank you, Casey for having me. No doubt she and Michael are having a blast!!

I recently stumbled across Katie Brown's home via Strictly Simple Style and was immediately inspired on how much it captured the current trends of the fall season.

Country Living

Wood. You can't help but notice all the natural wood used in this room—from the wide-planked floors to the rustic armoire. The warmth created by the wood's natural and organic texture is the essence of fall.

Nature-inspired tones. Moreover, this room has the quintessential colors that embody fall—golden hues, granny smith greens, moss greens and pops of red.

NY Times

Here is Katie Brown's home in the Berkshires and she has used some of the same furnishings from the first photograph. Again, this room captures the current fall trends.

Global Touches. What I adore about this room is her fresh take on the classic African style. It is an eclectic room that marries natural materials (wood), wordly finds and exotic textiles. I love the global inspired rug and how she stores her wood above the mantle almost as if it is artwork!

So, what do you say about these current fall trends—wood, nature-inspired tones and global touches—yay or nay??


René said...

Great post Fran! Yes to all of the elements - especially organic ones.

Holly Gruszka said...

I've always loved having touches of wood in any space. These are really pretty and look so inspired by nature. I'm ready to do some redecorating in my home!

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

That's funny Fran. I also just discovered Katie Brown after reading about her at Strictly Simple Style. I adore that first room. Great post.

Erin Deegan said...

love the post. great photos!

The Vintique Object said...

Fran, I really like how you dissected both of these rooms. You pointed things out that I wouldn't have noticed -- like the fact that they have a Fall feel. You are so right. The top room is a particular favorite of mine so it was really cool to see another home of hers.

Samantha said...

I need some fall colors. I'm still very ensconced in beachy blue

Ashley said...

Fran, you are so smart for pointing out the earthy quality of Katie's rooms. I've watched her shows many times on PBS and have really liked her approach to living. I've never seen these photos, so this post was all new to me!

Karen said...

I love wood touches for the fall/winter months. Katie Brown has a collection at Meijer stores with some really good looking and affordable wood pieces. (I think Meijer stores may only be located in the midwest.)