a dog in the house

We're getting a dog for Christmas! Well, okay, we're dog sitting for Christmas. I'm heading to Connecticut today to pick up my sister's family's dog while they go out of town for a few weeks. Dixie is such a good girl. It's going to be fun to have a dog around the house, especially this time of year, when we can be home with her more.

country living

Do you think pets make a happier home? I am feeling that way lately. After the holidays we might need one of our own.


Shannon @ Project Shannon said...

I adore dogs and I love my dog. I love my dog like no other and it definitely makes life a bit sunnier. Sometimes I feel bad that my daughter takes up so much time though.

Ashley said...

Oh, have a fun time dog sitting. I've been begging Adam for a cat or dog, but I'm not sure he'll come around to the idea for awhile!

Betsy said...

Dogs for sure make a happier home! Especially when
they eat stocking stuffers left under the tree and a
butter wrapper from Christmas baking.....We LOVE
her though. Don't know what it would be like around
here without her

My Many Moments said...

I ADORE having a dog. They are honestly the best. I tend to favor Bulldogs hehee.

Ava said...

You MUST get a pet! A house is not a home until you have your own "welcoming commitee." Please consider pet adoption; there are so many pets looking for loving homes. Especially this time of year so many end up in the shelters when they "get in the way." Let me know if you have any questions as I am involved in rescue groups! Enjoy your furry guest!!!

Lori @ Lori May Interiors said...

Our boxer, Lucy, is truly like a member of our family. I swear, I love her like one of my children.

She's wonderful company, especially when my husband is traveling.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday, Casey!


Sharon said...

I had no idea what joy a dog would bring - enjoy your dog sitting.